Janet van Dyne (Earth-616) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 12


A number of the details regarding events in the life of Janet van Dyne are subject to the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. As such certain events may have been occurring during times that, in context of the date the story was published, were topical during that time. As such these instances will be generalized but explained in more detail in the reference section. In addition certain elements in the history of this character have been slightly changed due to a lessening restrictions and censorship on comic books that were imposed by the Comics Code Authority that regulated Marvel Comics between 1954 until Marvel stopped using the Code for regulation in 2001. As with the topical references these will also be addressed in the reference section as well.

Early Life

Family Background

Janet van Dyne is a member of the wealthy Van Dyne family. By the year 1939, Janet's relative Amelia van Dyne was a successful fashion designer and was responsible for the amassing the family fortune[1]. Janet's father was world renown scientist Vernon van Dyne[2]. Not much is known about her early family life at this present time, however it is known that she lived the life of a rich socialite on the family fortune[2] and previously had a romantic relationship with the soldier of fortune known as Paladin. [3] At some point during Janet's childhood, her mother sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, leaving her in a vegetative state for several years. Janet watched her once vibrant and creative mother slowly wither and die.[4]

Modern Age

Courting Henry Pym

Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) as a young woman from Avengers Origins Ant-Man & the Wasp Vol 1 1 001

Janet van Dyne as a young woman[5]

Janet first met her future lover Henry Pym as he was developing latest invention, a shrinking formula he called Pym Particles. After successfully shrinking a chair,[6] Pym brought his discovery before the Committee of Scientific Research and Development.[5] When displaying the shrunken chair, Pym's ideas were ridiculed, and when he incidentally mentioned a possible military application for his formula, the humanitarian based committee rejected his grant.[6][5] Outside, he happened to cross paths with the youthful Janet whose father was also approaching the council to get funding for his own invention, a gamma-ray beam that he believes would allow him to contact other worlds beyond Earth's solar system. Smitten by Pym, the fast moving Janet attempted to ask Pym out for dinner. Still mourning the loss of his late wife, Pym rejected the offer and returned to his work.[7]

After many more tests, Pym decided to foolishly test the Pym Particles on himself, shrinking down in size.[6]. While Pym was fighting for his life, Janet tracked down his home and came calling just as he escaped from an ant-hill and returned to normal size along. In the process of doing so, Pym also increased the size of an ant he named Dusty to larger proportions. When Janet asked Pym out for dinner, he quickly accepted and closed the door on her so that she would not see the enlarged ant. Later when he had dinner with Janet and her father, he explained his research and while Vernon was unimpressed Janet was even more smitten by Pym. The two then began dating while in his spare time, Henry continued to study his Pym Particles. [8]

Henry eventually used his Pym Particles to establish himself as the costumed super-hero known as Ant-Man[9]. Pym also continued to date Janet and he entertained her with all his latest discoveries with ants. However she continued to press the relationship further and Henry continued to push away until he was forced to confide that he was still getting over the loss of his previous wife. Understanding that Henry needed more time to get over this loss, Janet vowed to give Pym all the time he needed to recover. As Ant-Man became a noted super-hero, Janet quickly deduced the hero's true identity. She also pursued an education in fashion design, having grown an interest in the old family business. [5]

Becoming the Wasp

Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) in her first Wasp costume from Avengers Origins Ant-Man & the Wasp Vol 1 1 001

1st Wasp costume[5]

Sometime later, Pym had been developing a means to graft the wings and antenna of a wasp to a human body, that would protrude from their bodies once shrunken down by Pym Particles. Also during this time, Vernon van Dyne had perfected his gamma-ray beam device and succeeded in contacting another world. The device brought a strange creature later dubbed the Creature from Kosmos, whose biologically produced formic acid was used to murder Vernon. Vernon's body was discovered by Janet who sought out Henry Pym for his assistance in finding her fathers killer.[2][5] There are two different accounts of the events that followed[10].
Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 44 012
In the first account it is stated that Henry Pym had only just recently met both Vernon and Janet and showed a lack of interest in Vernon's invention. While Henry was also attracted to Janet due to the fact that she reminded her of his late wife Maria, he thought she was quite young. In this account the creature that murdered Vernon was able to speak and claimed to have come from the planet Kosmos[11] and that he was a criminal on that world, before murdering Vernon and going on a rampage through the city. When Janet called Henry for help he dismissed it as a society girl's prank. Later when he heard reports of Vernon's death from his ants, Pym went to her as Ant-Man and told her to contact Lee Kearns his contact within the FBI, and then go see "Henry Pym". When Janet went to Pym's lab, Henry revealed his secret identity and offered her a chance to help capture her father's murderer. Janet agreed to under go an experiment to implant the wasp's antenna and wings to her body and she was soon outfitted with a costume and Pym Particles. Pym called her the Wasp and the two agreed to work together. When they attempted to attack the creature at first, they found that no weapons could harm it and Ant-Man's army of ants were afraid of it. Examining its substances Pym learned of its formic acid biology and devised an antidote. Loading it into shotgun shells the Ant-Man and Wasp seemingly vanquished the creature[12]. Although the Wasp initially disobeyed Ant-Man's orders, and also professed her love to him during battle, Pym uneasily allowed her to remain his partner. [2]

The second account states that the creature did not talk or appeared to have any sort of intelligence. When Vernon was murdered, Janet went to Pym directly and revealed that she had figured out that he was secretly Ant-Man. She convinced Henry to help her find her father's killer, finding Janet so much like his Maria, Pym agreed to conduct his experiments that endowed her with her Wasp powers. In this account, Ant-Man examined Vernon's body, finding traces of formic acid on the body. He then developed a single antidote and they went to confront the Creature from Kosmos. In this recounting, the Wasp took the antidote from Ant-Man and flew up and dump the chemical compound on Kosmos, destroying the creature. During the process of doing so, the Wasp professed her love to Henry. When they got back to Henry's apartment he scolded her for so foolishly risking her life. When Janet suddenly broke down in tears, Henry realized that she was finally coming to terms with her father's death and began comforting her instead.[5] This was the start of a budding romance that would see its triumphant highs and tragic lows over the coming years.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Elihas Starr (Earth-616), Henry Pym (Earth-616), and Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 45 001

Ant-Man and the Wasp vs Egghead[13]

Ant-Man and the Wasp then began working as a crime fighting duo. During this time Jan took every opportunity to try and get the stuffy Henry to admit his feelings for her. He was also incredibly insecure and felt that he was out of her league when considering her family wealth.[14] The pairs activities soon reached Ant-Man's old foe Egghead who began working with two escaped crooks in trying to destroy Ant-Man. To this end, Egghead developed the false identity of Professor Carl Striker. Using false credentials of a Zoologist, he put on exhibits on insects and after masterminding the theft of Middleton Diamond he put on a wasp exhibit at the local zoo to lure the Wasp into a trap. It succeeded and the Wasp was captured and Ant-Man was lured into a seemingly escapable trap. Even with all escapes electrified, Ant-Man bested a lizard and anteater that were set on him and freed the Wasp from captivity. While they managed to capture the two thugs, Egghead managed to escape once again. [13]

With things in the city quiet, Henry and Janet decided to go on vacation in Greece. Learning of reports of the mythical Cyclops on one of the local islands was stealing boats the couple went to investigate as Ant-Man and the Wasp. They soon discovered that the "Cyclops" was actually a robot built by the alien A-Chiltarian race who were using the island as a staging ground for an invasion of Earth. Taking control of the Cyclops robot, Ant-Man and the Wasp managed to rescue the captive sailors and force the A-Chiltarians to flee the Earth.[15] The pair next stopped mobster Ramond Thesi and later a jazz musician named Liso Trago from robbing the box office at a night club. Trago's employer agreed not to press charges if Trago left the country. Trago did so only to return months later having learned how to use his music to hypnotize people. Ant-Man and Wasp stopped him when Ant-Man damaged his trumpet enough to create a note that put Trago under his own hypnotic spell making him forget his entire criminal career and his knowledge of how to put people under his control.[16] Later the pair were unable to stop the Porcupine from robbing a supposedly burglar proof vault that Pym had developed for the National Bank. However, Henry was able to track the Porcupine to his lab in a military installation where in his civilian identity of Alex Gentry, he developed weapons for the military. With Jan falling ill, Pym forced her to stay home to face the Porcupine alone but was captured. As the Wasp, Janet saved Henry and the pair defeated the Porcupine by jamming his projectile firing quills with liquid cement. [17]

Forming the Avengers

Avengers (Earth-616) from Avengers The Origin Vol 1 5 001

The Wasp joins the Avengers[18]

It was about this time that the Asgardian trickster god Loki wished to manipulate the gamma spawned monster known as the Hulk to attack his adoptive brother Thor. To this end, Loki made it appear as though the Hulk attempted to destroy a train. When the Hulk's sidekick Rick Jones gathered his group the Teen Brigade together to try and contact the Fantastic Four for help. Loki intercepted their transmission and made it so it was reached. However a side effect of the spell the transmission was also received by Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the armored hero known as Iron Man who all tracked it back to the Teen Brigade's headquarters.[19] The meeting was tense at first but Rick calmed nerves and convinced the gathered heroes to help in their cause. During the meeting Thor was shown an illusion of the Hulk convincing him that Loki was involved[20]. Iron Man then took the heroes to the Stark Industries office in Sugar Land, Texas. There Thor departed to investigate his suspicions while Ant-Man was given access to Tony Stark's technology to build a device that could increase his range and be able to use ants all over the country to try and search for the Hulk.[21] Using this device, Ant-Man was able to locate the Hulk in Canyon City, Colorado where he was posing as a robot attraction in a circus performing there. Ant-Man ordered the ants in the region to distract the Hulk while they arrived.[22] Ant-Man, the Wasp and Iron Man then travelled there and clashed with the Hulk who managed to escape.[23][22][24] There are two differing accounts of what happened next, in one account the Hulk fled to an automobile manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan[23] while the other states that the Hulk fled to the Cardiff-Grant Munitions R&D Factory in Denver Colorado.[24] In either case the Hulk clashed with the three heroes until Thor arrived with the defeated Loki and revealed his part in the whole ordeal. Loki attempted to defeat the heroes by becoming radioactive. In the Detroit account Loki was defeated when dumped in a radioactive waste disposal furnace beneath the plant,[23] while the Denver account states that they placed him in a device that was used to conduct controlled explosion experiments.[18] The Detroit account states that the group unanimously agreed to form a team and that the Wasp came up with their name: the Avengers. However the Denver account states that the group did not formally form a group until a meeting three days later at the Stark Industries plant in Sugar Land, Texas.[18] Whatever the case, the fact that Ant-Man played an integral part in defeating Loki. [25]

Iron Man invited his fellow Avengers to use his "employer" Tony Stark's mansion as their headquarters, later dubbed Avengers Mansion. There the group were given a tour and Jan purposely ruffled Henry's feathers by openly flirting with Thor.[26] Ant-Man and the others then revealed themselves to the press.[27][28][29] They then began a series of early meetings. During the first meeting the group was trying to determine who would be the chairman to the group. Janet used this as another opportunity to rankle Henry. All the male members wanted to test their might to determine who led, but they all agreed to allow the Wasp to secretly be their chair person so none of their egos could be bruised.[30] This meeting was briefly crashed by Iron Man's future self and the Black Widow who briefly passed through the meeting room while jaunting through time periods.[31] By this time both Hank and Janet had moved into a home together in Creskill, New Jersey and Hank began developing a new version of his Pym Particles that could be taken in pill form. Iron Man later called a meeting to discuss the signing of a charter of the Avengers code of conduct. Ant-Man and the Wasp agreed to sign it, deciding that it was time to become part of something bigger. [28]


Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) in her second Wasp costume from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 50 001

2nd Wasp costume[32]

Deciding to augment his powers to be more of a benefit to the Avengers,[14] Hank began developing a new growth formula that would allow him to increase his size. He found that growing larger that 12 feed tall put too much strain on his body. Janet meanwhile began starting the first of many costume redesigns. While he was developing these new abilities, Pym was kidnapped by the Living Eraser from Dimension Z who was gathering Earth scientists to steal their atomic secrets. Unfortunately for the Eraser and his leaders, they did not suspect that Pym was secretly a super-hero, nor were they aware that the Wasp stowed away on his person. As Giant-Man and the Wasp, the two heroes liberated the kidnapped scientists and captured the Living Eraser's devices allowing them and the other prisoners to return home.[33] Hank kept his new powers a secret when the Avengers were asked by the military to assist in recovering Dr. Doom's flying fortress which had recently been stolen. The Avengers took on the case and infiltrated the ship but were caught in many of Doom's various traps. The Wasp was later saved by Hank, who used his newly developed growing powers to save his teammates. While they managed to destroy Doom's flying fortress they discovered the "Doom" they were fighting was one of his Doombots. [34]

During the next meeting with the Avengers, they were targeted by the Space Phantom who claimed to be an alien seeking to defeat the Avengers so his people could invade the planet.[35] The Space Phantom plotted to do turn the Avengers against the Hulk, using his ability to shift individuals into the timeless realm of Limbo while assuming their form. When the Space Phantom attacked the Avengers, he fled and then returned the Hulk to Earth and watched the battle in the shape of a wasp. When the Wasp detected the Space Phantom's presence, he tried to attack her and Giant-Man went to her rescue. When away from the other Avengers, the Space Phantom changed into Giant-Man[36]. Going solo again, Giant-Man and the Wasp went after some smugglers.[37] The pair later joined the Avengers on a manhunt for the criminal known as Sandman. The Avengers failed to capture him, but he was eventually defeated by the Spider-Man[38]. With his new found power Hank became over confident and when a new super-powered criminal calling himself the Human Top began committing a series of robberies, Pym believed that stopping the Top was beneath his abilities. However when his ants reported that the Human Top intended to rob the Danly's Department store, the Wasp convinced him to do something about it. When the Top attempted to rob the department store, Giant-Man went into action to try and stop him. However the gigantic hero proved no match for the Top's speed and his larger size proved to be more of a detriment and such the Human Top managed to escape[32]. Jan helped Hank with his training and he eventually defeated the Human Top. [39]

Recovering Captain America

Giant-Man and the Wasp then returned to active Avengers duties and assisted the team in trying to track down the Hulk[40][28] When they later tracked the Hulk to an abandoned island that was last used during World War II, they found that the Hulk had allied himself with the Atlantean monarch known as the Sub-Mariner and a clash between the two villains and the Avengers broke out. Ultimately the Hulk began changing back into his alter ego of Bruce Banner who fled. Alone against the Avengers, the Sub-Mariner fled as well.[40] While pursing the Sub-Mariner in a submarine[28], the Avengers eventually came across the body of Captain America a wartime hero that had been missing since 1945, frozen in a block of ice. Taking him aboard their ship and thawing out his body, they found that Captain America had been kept in suspended animation.[41][42][43][28][44] When he was revived, Captain America battled the Avengers, who easily calmed him down and brought him back to New York. There they had Cap wait below deck while they addressed the press and while the heroes were doing so they were blasted by a ray that turned them into living stone, leaving Captain America to wander the modern day on his own.[41][43] Eventually, Captain America was found by Rick Jones and they both tracked down the one responsible, a member of the D'bari race named Vuk.[41][45] They learned that Vuk was trapped on Earth and he turned the Avengers to stone for the Sub-Mariner in order to get his ship freed from the bottom of the ocean. Vuk agreed to return the Avengers to normal in exchange for the same help. With Giant-Man and the others changed back they were good on their promise but were attacked by the Sub-Mariner and his Atlantean warriors. While Namor was distracted, Vuk's ship was freed and he managed to leave the Earth. With the battle lost the Sub-Mariner fled into the ocean[41]. Giant-Man was later tasked confirming the identity of Captain America. While Cap was under sedation, Giant-Man and the Wasp spent some time marvelling over the situation. This was the first time that Henry openly told Jan that he loved her[46].

Going solo with Giant-Man for a short time, the pair busted Professor Nathan Garrett who was trying to sell secrets to spies, capturing them all. Garrett was freed on bail, but fled the country only to return shortly thereafter as a new costumed villain, the Black Knight. Using a genetically engineered flying horse he attempted to steal a new jet powered helicopter but was easily defeated by Giant-Man and the Wasp.[47] The Porcupine resurfaced shortly thereafter and attempted to get at Giant-Man through his own fan club. By this time, Giant-Man and the Wasp had set up a lab/headquarters in New York City. The Porcupine managed to get inside when the fan club arrived dressed as various foes that Giant-Man fought over his career. The Porcupine then captured the Wasp and fled from Giant-Man, who had sprained his ankle during a charity event. The Porcupine however allowed the Wasp to escape so he could track her back to their shared New Jersey home in the hopes of learning their secret identities. When the Porcupine arrived, Giant-Man was ready and they battled once again. The Porcupine then attempted to swallow a handful of Giant-Man's growth capsules, but when he ingested them he realized too late that he had accidentally took the shrinking pills instead and shrank into nothingness.[48] Giant-Man, the Wasp and the other Avengers later met the hero known as the Sentry and assisted him in battling his foe the Void.[49] The Avengers then resumed their hunt for the Hulk and returned to the southwestern United States to search for him, only to find he had left the region.[50] They returned to Avengers Mansion to learn that the Hulk had actually come to New York to look for them and trounced the Fantastic Four. The Avengers defended themselves at their mansion headquarters and when the recovered FF came to join them the two teams stumbled over each other to try and stop the Hulk. Both teams eventually began working together to stop the Hulk, chasing him up a sky scraper under construction. The battle ended when Rick Jones tossed a gamma irradiated capsule into the Hulk's mouth causing him to fall into the Hudson River while changing back into Bruce Banner and was swept away by the currents.[51]

Early Romantic Tensions

Giant-Man and the Wasp later joined the Avengers in a trip back to the southwest where they battled the Lava Men from Subterranea who were attempting to invade the surface world. An invasion they managed to push back thanks in part to the Hulk whom they tricked into knocking the Lava Men's mound back into the Earth.[52][53][54] Giant-Man and the Wasp were next asked by the American government to learn how the communist backed dictator El Toro who had managed to take over the nation of Santo Rico. The pair entered the country posing as tourists but were exposed. However the pair managed to reveal that El Toro rigged the election and had him disposed. The people of Santo Rico then held an democratic election.[55] In thanks to Giant-Man and the Wasp's help, they erected a statue of the heroes in their honour.[56] Not long after this the Human Top escaped from prison again and sought to get revenge against his foes. He followed Giant-Man and the Wasp back to their headquarters where he managed to succeed in obtaining some of Giant-Man's growing pills. Despite his increased size, the Human Top was defeated by Giant-Man and the Wasp, restored to his normal size, and incarcerated once again.[57] Hank eventually mustered up the courage to try and propose to Jan, but when Jan noticed he was nervous she assumed that he was being stand-offish and decided to make him jealous by saying she was invited to a party being thrown by a wealthy socialite whom she assumed was going to propose. Unknown to Jan, this broke Henry's heart as it confirmed to him what he always feared -- that he was not good enough for Janet. Later a new foe calling himself the Magician robbed the yacht party and kidnapped the Wasp. Giant-Men set up a phony yacht party and used it to lure the Magician into a trap and captured him, saving Jan in the process and the two reconciled their feelings for one another, although Hank did not propose to Jan at that time.[58] However their romance began to start showing its first signs of strain when Hank began becoming more closed off about his feelings and neglecting Janet and losing himself in his work. On the Avengers front, the group was had to deal with the fact that they had to maintain Captain America on the roster in order to obtain the security clearance they needed from the government, something that the Wasp and the others were not sure that Cap was mentally prepared for.[59]

Soon the Avengers had to battle a foe from Cap's past, Baron Zemo who had formed a group his own, the Masters of Evil, which included many of the Avengers previous foes -- including the Black Knight, Radioactive Man, the Melter. While the Avengers stopped the Masters from immobilizing New York City with Zemo's Adhesive X, Cap faced off against Zemo alone, but Zemo managed to escape.[60] Pym later developed a new weapon for Janet to use in battle, this first model of her "Wasp's Sting" was a compressed air gun. Shortly after this, their old foe Egghead resurfaced and used a device to sent out false signals through Giant-Man's ant communication devices. The villain tricked the pair into fighting Spider-Man, but the heroes ultimately realized the trick and brought Egghead to justice, although Spider-Man parted from the duo on bad terms. Janet also operated on her own on occasion such as when she thwarted a jewellery robbery[61] and later a more tragic encounter she had with two would-be bank robbers fleeing from the authorities.[62] Later Giant-Man and the Wasp assisted the Avengers in apprehending weatherman turned super-villain the Weather Maker.[63] When Thor later fumed across the city over his inability to romance Jane Foster, Wasp and the other Avengers attempted to get him to confide in them, but to no avail.[64]

Unlimited Access

The Wasp and his Avengers allies were soon pulled into the future by Access a man who could jump between time and space between the Earth-616 universe and the Earth of a distant cosmos, when the modern day New York was under threat from Darkseid and his Apokoliptians who were invaders from that other cosmos. When the Avengers needed help, Access also summoned the original line up of the Justice League of America from the other cosmos. The two teams worked in tandem until the Apokolipian known as Amazing Grace convinced the Avengers and the JLA to fight each other. Only the Wasp and the Black Canary were unaffected, but the two women soon came to blows while trying to help out their mutual teammates[65]. Eventually the battle was ended when Access pulled Superman from the present who reversed Amazing Grace's tampering. The two teams then joined the present Teen Titans and the original X-Men in battling Darkseid's Parademons and members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from various eras who had allied themselves with Darkseid to try and take over Earth-616.[66]. Learning that the Evil Mutants and the Apokoliptians were aboard Magneto's Asteroid M. Access led the Wasp and the others, some of whom were amalgamated into new heroes by Access's powers. They infiltrated Asteroid M and battled amalgamated versions of the Brotherhood and the Apokolipians, learning that Darkseid and Magneto had the assistance of an evil version of Access from the future. The heroes ultimately prevailed when Access merged with his future self, eliminating his threat. Darkseid and his forces -- having betrayed the Brotherhood -- fled back to their own universe. Afterward, the heroes were restored to normal returned to their respective universes and proper times. Upon their return home, the Wasp and the others memories of the entire episode faded away.[67]

Carefree Existence

Back in their own time and place, the Wasp continued to live her carefree existence, and worked on her budding romance with Hank. She and the other Avengers attempted to console their teammate Thor over his continued romantic problems, but he still refused to let his teammates in.[68] Henry then began developing a new cybernetic control helmet that could trigger his transformations in himself and the Wasp without the use of pills, making their size changing abilities a matter of will. The couple were later asked by Captain America to investigate the appearance of a so-called Colossus who appeared in the Bora-Boru region of Africa. The pair clashed with the massive alien who was twice the size of Giant-Man. This was the first time that Pym pushed the 12 foot limit he placed on his growth powers, taxing his system. Ultimately the Colossus -- actually a would be invader from the planet Vega was defeated and he fled back to his homeworld. The people in this region erected a statue in their honour after. Later when the Magician broke out of prison once again, Hank was out of town, and the Wasp managed to tackle their foe all by herself.[69]
Henry Pym (Earth-616) and Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 59 001

Giant-Man and the Wasp[70]

The Wasp and the other Avengers later attempted to call Iron Man to a meeting regarding a new threat, one which Iron Man ignored[71] and had to answer for later when the group met. They suspended Iron Man and all took leave. It was at this time that Baron Zemo formed an alliance with the exiled Asgardians known as the Enchantress and the Executioner. The Enchantress used her magics to pit Thor against his comrades while Zemo made another attack on Captain America. Thanks to the arrival of Iron Man, Giant-Man and the Wasp were saved by Thor. Freed from the Enchantress' control, Thor joined his comrades in defeating their foes. Cap also defeated Zemo, but all the villains managed to evade capture.[72] Giant-Man, Wasp and Iron Man later attempted to assist Thor in one of his latest clashes with Loki, and were once again rebuffed.[73] Giant-Man and the Wasp then decided to try and focus their efforts on trying to capture the Hulk again and reign him back under Avengers control. They travelled back to the southwest unaware that their old foe the Human Top had followed them there as well and sought to destroy them once again. When Giant-Man tracked the Hulk down and was battling him, the Top convinced General Thaddeus Ross to fire a nuclear warhead at the town they were fighting on. However thanks to a warning from the Wasp, Giant-Man and the Hulk were dutifully warned, and the Hulk was able to destroy the atomic weapon. Unable to capture the Hulk, the couple gave up and returned to New York. [70]

Later Giant-Man and the Wasp captured a gang of criminals,[74] and later helped uncovered the Chameleon's plot to pit Iron Man against Captain America.[75] The Wasp later mobilized with her other fellow Avengers when the time traveller known as Kang the Conqueror of the 31st Century appeared in modern day Washington D.C..[76][77][78] The Avengers learned that Kang intended to conquer their era and when they fought back they were all easily incapacitated by Kang's future technology and taken prisoner.[76][77][78] The Avengers were freed in part thanks to Rick Jones, his Teen Brigade and Captain America, and Kang was forced back to his own era.[76][77][78] In the aftermath of the battle Janet and her teammates were part of a massive parade thrown in the Avengers honour.[77] She was also present when the Avengers were contemplating what to do regarding Spider-Man's apparent cowardice battling the Sandman,[79] however the web-head eventually redeemed himself.[80]

Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) in her third Wasp costume from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 62 001

3rd Wasp costume[81]

Henry later learned that his friend Lee Kearns had gone missing in Berlin and sought out to find him. Recalling how his last trip to Europe ended with the death of his first wife, Pym forbade Janet from following him finally explaining to her the details of Maria's death. Travelling to Berlin, Giant-Man rescued Kearns from the so-called Beasts of Berlin, gorillas that had their intelligence enhanced. Destroying the device, Giant-Man brought Lee to safety and returned him home.[82] The Avengers were later targeted by Zemo and his Masters of Evil once again. This time they had the newly empowered Wonder Man to infiltrate their team. Learning that the source of Wonder Man's powers were seemingly killing him the Avengers agreed to try and save his life. When Wonder Man prepared to betray the Avengers for a cure, he captured the Wasp and also pretended to have been capture himself. However when the Avengers came and Wonder Man realized that Baron Zemo intended to kill them, Wonder Man turned on Zemo foiling his plans, but seemingly died in the process.[83] Giant-Man and the Wasp were later targeted by their old foe Egghead once again. This time, Egghead lured them with a phony offer to appear in a television series only to trap them in an air-tight building and force Giant-Man to battle an android of his own making. Realizing that Egghead felt everything that the android did, he began to spin it around making Egghead dizzy enough to surrender and set them free.[84]

Giant-Man and the Wasp later joined the Avengers, Spider-Man, Daredevil, the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange in battling the crazed super-villain known as Sundown who was absorbing all the ambient light around New York. Despite the heroes combined might, it took the injury of Sundown's young friend Mary to force the villain to surrender over to the authorities.[85] Pym then began working on a formula to boost the growth of plants and animals. When he tested it out on a plant it soon began to grow out of control and knocked him out. At that very moment, a crook named Second-Story Sammy was passing by and happened to spy the unconscious hero. Learning Giant-Man's secret identity, Sammy decided to steal Giant-Man's costume and use its size-changing powers to commit a robbery. He was confronted by the Wasp and the two battled it out when Jan realized that the man in the costume was not her boyfriend. Pym later revived and used his army of ants to bring Sammy back to his lab where he quickly knocked the crook out and used his powers to stop the wildly growing plants. He then used an amnesia potion to wipe out Sammy's memories and criminal personality.[81] The Masters of Evil again attacked the Avengers, this time enlisting the aid of the time traveller known as Immortus, who kidnapped the Avenger's sidekick Rick Jones to lure them into a trap. The Avengers were then forced to fight what appeared to be historical figures. The heroes eventually won the day and the Enchantress used her spells to reverse time so they could ignore the offer made by Immortus to assist in destroying the Avengers and none of the heroes retained any memories of what transpired.[86][87] The Wasp later accompanied her fellow Avengers who followed Thor to Bavaria when Thor's hammer Mjolnir detected evil emanations coming from the region. There they encountered the X-Men who were summoned by their leader Professor X to help stop the alien being known as Lucifer from detonating a bomb. Learning that Lucifer connected the bomb to his heartbeat, the X-Men were ordered to keep the Avengers at bay so as not to harm or kill their foe. The X-Men complied, holding their own against the Avengers until Professor Xavier was able to shut down Lucifer's mind with his mental powers. With Lucifer knocked out, Xavier explained the entire situation to the Avengers, who agreed to leave the X-Men to disarm the bomb themselves.[88]

Giant-Man and the Wasp were later assisted the NYPD in trying to stop the protection racketeer known only as the Wrecker, who was forcing shops to pay him in order to keep their businesses safe. Pym and Van Dyne purchased a hardware store in the area and when the Wrecker arrived to intimidate them, they easily trounced him. The Wrecker was later unmasked and revealed to be Frank Smith, the former owner of the hardware store that Hank and Jan purchased.[89] Giant-Man and the Wasp later rejoined the Avengers in yet another attempt to bring in the Hulk. This time their encounter with the jade brute was complicated when the Masters of Evil convinced the Hulk to join them instead. The Hulk battled the Avengers with the Masters until Baron Zemo threatened the life of his former sidekick, Rick Jones, and the Hulk turned on Zemo and the Masters forcing them to flee, and the Hulk then escaped the Avengers once again.[90] When their teammate Iron Man went missing[91] the Avengers were targeted by Kang the Conqueror who built a robot duplicate of Spider-Man to lure the Avengers into a trap. He tricked the Avengers into believing that Iron Man was trapped in the Temple of Triod located in Mexico. Giant-Man and the Wasp arrived there first and they were quickly incapacitated by the Spider-Man robot, and the other Avengers soon followed. The Avengers were later saved by the real Spider-Man who deactivated his robot doppelgänger.[92] In his private time, Henry began building a robotic replica of an ant, but grew mad at Jan when she damaged equipment delaying the project. Feeling rejected, Jan decided to leave Hank for good. Later his plane was captured by the Atlantean barbarian known as Attuma who decided to take Jan prisoner to study surface humans. Learning of this from his ants, Giant-Man came to Janet's rescue, and their combined size changing abilities tricked Attuma into thinking all surface dwellers had such powers and he fled.[93] Giant-Man later could not get the Avengers backing when his ants reported strange seismic activity below the surface of the Earth. Deciding to investigate alone, he was captured by the Mole Man who had built an atomic gyroscope to cause the Earth to spin so quickly everything on the surface would be destroyed. When the Mole Man foolishly set his Moloids after the Avengers, Janet and the others they followed them back and battle the Mole Man and his new ally the Red Ghost. The team defeated both villains, destroy the atomic gyroscope and freed Giant-Man from captivity.[94]

Near Death Experience

Henry Pym (Earth-616) and Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Vol 1 5 001

Rushing the Wasp to the hospital[95]

The Avengers began focusing on the Maggia crime syndicate, hampering their operations all over New York City. This prompted the Maggia's secret leader Count Nefaria to come to America. He invited the Avengers to his castle under the auspices that they were going to a charity gala. Instead he used a device to create holographic duplicates of the team to commit an act of treason. When the team was later attacked by the military, they deduced that Nefaria was responsible and attacked his castle. Giant-Man, the Wasp, Thor and Iron Man were immobilized by a specially made chemical created by Count Nefaria, but they were later freed by Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade. As Giant-Man assisted his fellow Avengers in defeating Nefaria, Janet took a bullet and was critically wounded.[96][95] Henry rushed Jan to a nearby hospital and where he learned that her left lung was punctured and should it fail her right lung could collapse, killing her. The only hope was in getting the aid of Dr. Svenson of Norway. When Thor brought back whom he believed to be Svenson they were all shocked that the "doctor" was really a member of the Kallusian race. The Avengers tracked the Kallusians to the North Pole where hey learned that Svenson was helping them willingly to survive on Earth in order to hide from their foes the Yirbek. However the Yirbek tracked down the Kallusians and they fled the Earth. This allowed the Avengers to bring Svenson back to America to perform the needed surgery on the Wasp.[97] Dr. Svenson soon informed the Avengers that the surgery was a success and the Wasp was going to live.[95] After Janet was released from the hospital, the couple were among the guests invited to the engagement part of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl.[98]

After this, Henry began developing a new helmet that would allow to grow to larger sizes and to project a beam that could cause any object to shrink and grow, while Janet designed a new costume for him. While experimenting on their pet cat Tabby, Pym accidentally knocked over a vial of his growing solution and it caused a nearby spider to grow to gigantic size. With his new costume and helmet, Pym was able to defeat the massive arachnid before it could harm him or the Wasp.[99] The pair were next targeted by the Mandarin's adopted daughter Madame Macabre who had size changing abilities of her own, only they were limited to toy models created by her assistant Gogo. She attempted to convince Giant-Man to share the secret of his size-chaning abilities so they could rule the world but he refused. She then lured the Wasp to Central Park Art Galley and trapped her. When Giant-Man came to her rescue, Madame Macabre attempted to trap Giant-Man in a rapidly shrinking room in order to force him to reveal his secrets. With the help of the Wasp, Giant-Man escape and the pair captured Madame Macabre and turned her over to the authorities.[100] Not long after this the Masters of Evil launched their final gambit against the Avengers when Baron Zemo captured Rick Jones.[101] While Captain America went to South America to rescue Rick, the other Avengers battled the Masters of Evil which included the recently freed Black Knight. Ultimately, Baron Zemo died battling Captain America.[102][95] With the Avengers outnumbering them, the Masters of Evil fled as well. With Thor having left the team,[103] Iron Man, Giant Man and the Wasp began discussing the future of the group.[104] Giant-Man had decided that both he and Janet wished to take a leave of absence after Janet's recent brush with death.[105] Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of the criminal known as Hawkeye who sought to join the Avengers in order to redeem himself of his past wrongs, and the three Avengers agreed to allow him to join the group and held a press conference announcing the first line-up change of the Avengers.[104][106][105] It was around this time that Hank and Janet's secret identities apparently had became public knowledge and they friendly had to duck from paparazzi on the streets[107]. Just as Captain America and Rick Jones arrived, Giant-Man and Wasp found two other replacement Avengers in the former members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: the mutant twins Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Giant-Man and the Wasp then left to pursue their own private goals, leaving Captain America to introduce the new line up of the Avengers.[104][26][106][105]

First Retirement

Not long after taking his leave of absence from the Avengers, Giant-Man was targeted by the alien known as the Hidden Man who used a mysterious "green ray" to steal knowledge from scientists all over New York. The Hidden Man became determined to steal Giant-Man's ability to change size for his own ends. Both he and the Wasp were no match for the green ray, which stole Giant-Man's ability to shrink. When Giant-Man finally caught up with the Hidden Man and attempted to capture him, members of the Hidden Man's race finally caught up with him and took him away, leaving Giant-Man without the ability to shrink at will.[108] Giant-Man then began trying to expand his size to even greater heights but this proved to be quite the ordeal as the strain on his body was too great. He eventually decided that he could only switch between two sizes: his normal height at 25 feed. When the Human Top resurfaced and attempted to get revenge for his past defeats. Just as Giant-Man was having his lab fitted to allow him to work at a much larger size and kidnapped the Wasp.[109] Tracking Jan through her cybernetic relays in her headdress, Giant-Man enlarged her train wasp Boopsie and rode it to the Human Top's hideout. There Giant-Man tried to fight through the Top's traps but fell into a massive freezer that the villain set out for him. Pulling the Wasp to safety, Giant-Man was too late to stop the Top from activating the fast acting freezer. The couple shrank in size, hiding in the massive ice coating that formed around Giant-Man's gigantic body. When the Top pulled the frozen statue out, they broke free and easily defeated the Top, handing him over to the authorities.[110] When the Human Top once again broke out of prison, both Giant-Man and the Wasp went after him, and arrived on the scene just as he was defeated by Spider-Man.[111] After this last mission, both Giant-Man and the Wasp went into retirement.[112]

Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) in her fourth Wasp costume from Avengers Vol 1 26 001

4th Wasp costume[113]

Henry took on a job with the United States government which involved a deep sea drilling operation to search for clues to the origins of life on Earth. Their operation caused earthquakes in the realm of Atlantis drawing the Sub-Mariner to the drilling platform which he then attacked.[114] As the soldiers tried to defend the platform a fire broke out. Suddenly and unknown to all, the Sub-Mariner was put under the control of his foe the Puppet Master and fled the location. Agreeing that the threat of the Sub-Mariner needed to be dealt with, Henry allowed Jan to go seek them out as the Wasp while he stayed behind to continue his research.[115] En route, Janet was captured by Attuma who believed she was a spy trying to stop his most recent plans to invade the surface world. Jan managed to break free and alert the Avengers, but in turn was captured by the Collector.[116] The Avengers ultimately thwarted Attuma's plans for conquest. [117]

Return to the Avengers

When Janet failed to turn up, Pym contacted the Avengers and revealed his secret identity to them and returned to Avengers Mansion to try and help them find her. After proving who he was, he was given a new costume and he decided to change his name to Goliath after Captain America called him one. However, after years of inactivity, Pym soon came to the horrific realization that he could only grow to 25 feet in height and that he could only do so for 15 minutes. To change size again any sooner or later would cause serious injury to him. Soon they were contacted by the Collector who challenged the Avengers to come and get him at his secret hideout. There Goliath battled through the Collector's various weapons as well as his minion, the Beetle. The team defeated the Collector, who teleported away with the Beetle. Although Jan was save, Henry was in his giant size for too long and quickly tried to change back to normal height. The strain was too much and Pym stopped reducing at 10 feet before passing out.[118] The Avengers rushed Goliath back to their headquarters where he was examined by a doctor who confirmed their worst fears: Goliath would be stuck at the height of 10 feet, seemingly for the rest of his life. When learning the news, Pym became deeply depressed fearing that he would be a freak for the rest of his life. He pushed Jan away and then left the mansion. However when the team was captured by the Black Widow, and her minions Swordsman and Powerman, he came to their rescue easily trouncing these foes, although they managed to escape.[119] The Wasp was later on hand with his teammates during a United States defence briefing.[120]

Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) in her fifth Wasp costume from Avengers Vol 1 31 001

5th Wasp costume[121]

Although his room in the mansion was redesigned to accommodate his 10 foot high stature, he continued to shut out Janet and brood over his disposition. He soon read a newspaper story about his old university professor Dr. Franz Anton who resided in South America. Believing that Anton could cure him of his predicament, Goliath secretly left the Avengers to seek him out without telling anyone where he went. When Pym arrived at Anton's home he found the scientist missing and his lab in shambles. He was soon attacked by members of a group of hidden people from the Forbidden Land. Goliath fought them off and took one of his attackers prisoner and forced him to take him to the Forbidden Land. There he found that Anton was a prisoner by the Keeper of the Flame who believed that Anton was a spy seeking to steal the secrets of their Cobalt powered flame. Goliath tried to talk sense and petition for Anton's release, but the fanatical Keeper ordered Goliath's death. Before he could be swarmed by the Keeper's legion, he was rescued by Prince Rey who sought to over throw the Keeper.[122] Ultimately the Avengers tracked down Goliath, and they managed to douse the flames and escape with Dr. Anton. When Goliath asked Dr. Anton for help, Franz told the hero that there was only one man he knew who could possibly cure him: Henry Pym.[121]

Finding new resolve, Goliath decided to try and cure himself of his own affliction instead, and slowly overcame his depression, much to Janet's delight. To assist him in his research he hired African-American biochemist Bill Foster. One night Bill was attacked by the Sons of the Serpent a racist organization that was determined to eliminate or remove everyone but American-born Caucasians. This attack prompted the Wasp to go to his fellow Avengers to deal with this organization. However, Captain America was captured by the Sons of the Serpent. As a senior member of the Avengers, Goliath took charge of the group and ordered his comrades to pretend to side with the Serpents in order to free Cap and shut them down on the inside.[123] This public backing from the Avengers angered Bill who temporarily stopped working with Goliath, unaware that this was all part of his plan to shut the racist organization down. Goliath and the Wasp appeared before a rally organized by the Sons of the Serpent under the auspices that they were throwing in their support. However they denounced the Serpents while Hawkeye freed Captain America. The Avengers then defeated the Serpents Captain America impersonator and revealed that their leader was General Chen, a communist soldier trying to create a propaganda victory against the United States for his country.[124] Returning to Avengers Mansion, the Wasp and her teammates were shown the Super-Adaptoid that Captain America had defeated when it broke into the premises. The inert android then copied all of their powers and escaped after battling Captain America.[125] The Avengers later decided to offer membership to Spider-Man, although the Wasp had her reservations with doing so. Although when the hero was brought before them his quick temper led to he and Goliath to come to blows. Eventually the fight was broken up and Spider-Man was given the mission to capture the Hulk as a test to prove if he was Avengers material. Ultimately, Spider-Man could not bring himself to capture the Hulk as he felt sympathetic toward his alter-ego of Bruce Banner and eventually declined membership.[126]. Later Janet became the obsession of a new villain calling himself the Living Laser. Seeking to win the Wasp's love, the Laser attacked Goliath at his lab, but the man-mountain easily defeated his foe and he was turned over to Captain America and Hawkeye. The Living Laser managed to break free, and instead of going to prison he made Cap, Hawkeye and the Wasp his prisoners.[127] Learning that Janet was in trouble, Goliath tracked the Laser down to his base. However by the time he arrived the Living Laser had already absconded with the Wasp to help overthrow the nation of Costa Verde. As Hawkeye and Captain America made a plan, Goliath and Bill stumbled upon a cure for his condition but Henry kept this a secret. The Avengers then launched an attack against the Laser's forces on Costa Verde. During the course of the battle, Goliath allowed himself to get captured, then used his recently regained shrinking abilities to free himself, and then the Wasp. The Avengers then crushed the Living Laser's invasion. With the communist regime of Costa Verde smashed, the people of the island thanked the Avengers and began setting up a democratic government. [128]

The Wasp and her fellow Avengers, and Hawkeye's girlfriend the Black Widow were next lured to the nation of Transia by the alien being known as Ixar who had already captured their comrades Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Ixar had attempted to capture the Avengers in the hopes of transferring their powers into his Ultroids so that they would have superior abilities to battle an unspecified alien foe.[129] The Wasp and the other Avengers broke free from their bonds and battled the Ultroid's and Ixar's Ultroid form. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and the Black Widow forced Ixar to surrender when the Black Widow threatened to kill the alien, pointing out that she was not bound to the Avengers code of conduct, which forbade killing. Ixar then surrendered and left Earth, but Hawkeye and the Widow kept how they defeated their foe a secret as Hawkeye wished for the Widow to become a member of the Avengers.[130] When Hawkeye petitioned for the Black Widow to join their ranks, but the group was against it given her past career as a spy and the fact that she attacked them recently. Eventually the Black Widow secretly accepted an offer to work for the counter-espionage agency known as SHIELD. The Avengers were later attacked by the Enchantress who had enthralled the Olympian demi-god Hercules. Hercules was later freed from the spell when Hawkeye attempted to use a sulfer arrow and the Enchantress was forced to flee. In the aftermath of the battle, Hercules' father Zeus appeared and exiled him on Earth for the next year. The Wasp and the others then invited Hercules to stay with them at Avengers Mansion as a guest until his exile was over. [131]

When the newspapers reported that the Black Widow had seemingly betrayed her newly adopted country, Hawkeye ran off to be alone and was captured by the Mad Thinker and his technologically enhanced footsoldiers the Triumvirate of Terror. The Wasp and the others soon fell as well, giving the Thinker access to Avengers Mansion and the Stark Industries built computers held there. However the Thinker's plan soon fell apart, as he had not foreseen that Hercules was staying with the Avenges and he and his Triumvirate was easily defeated.[132] Janet then joined her fellow Avengers on a quest to find the Cosmic Cube, leading to a clash with the Sub-Mariner who had discovered the device first. Although Namor had the advantage, the Cube was eventually taken from him and lost below the surface of the Earth, ending its threat for the time being.[133] Following this mission, Captain America began training Janet and the other Avengers putting them through an intense hand-to-hand combat training.[134] Henry later got permission to examine the Dragon Man android as part of his studies on artificial intelligence. However as he began his work, Dragon Man's former controller Diablo came seeking the creature and restored it to life, leading to a battle between the Dragon Man and Goliath. Goliath proved no match for Dragon Man's brute strength and Diablo took both Goliath and the Wasp prisoner.[135] Hank and Janet were then taken to Diablo's castle in Transylvania. Using Jan as a hostage, Diablo forced Pym to begin building an army of Dragon Men in a plot to take over the world. Henry's fellow Avengers came to his aid, but not wishing Janet to be hurt, he was forced to fight his comrades until Hercules managed to defeat the Dragon Man and save her. Diablo was defeated soon after and taken prisoner, while his castle was destroyed.[136]


Hank managed to recover the Dragon Man and began examining it further in order to learn a means to create his own artificial intelligence.[137] To this end he began developing his own robot with artificial intelligence that he called Ultron. When Pym finally completed Ultron, using his own brain engrams to create its personality. The robots artificial intelligence caused its intelligence and independence to increase to the point where Ultron became autonomous, paranoid, and developed on Oedipus Complex. Ultron then used hypnosis forcing him to close up his home and forget that he ever created Ultron so that the robot could upgrade and perfect himself uninterrupted.[138] Later when Hawkeye learned that his girlfriend the Black Widow was a prisoner in an Asian country, he and Hercules went to rescue her and became prisoners of the Red Guardian. It was during this period in which Jan turned 23 and she inherited her family fortune. When the Avengers learned of this, Goliath and the Wasp joined their teammates on the rescue mission.[139]
Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) in her sixth Wasp costume from Avengers Vol 1 45 001

6th Wasp costume[140]

The Avengers managed to rescue their captured friends, and return to the United States.[141] Later when Iron Man's foe the Mandarin gathered a number of Avengers foes to try and take over the world, every active member of the Avengers at the time were gathered to face the threat. Goliath and the Wasp accompanied Iron Man to South America where they stopped the Swordsman and Powerman from destroying an entire city with a massive explosive sword. The other Avengers were able to stop similar plots and the entire team tracked the Mandarin to his hideout in Asia. Goliath and the others were then forced to fight each other thanks to the Mandarin's hate-ray, but they managed to destroy it. With his plan thwarted, the Mandarin then fled.[142] For their defeat of the Mandarin, the Avengers were celebrated with festivities being held in Central Park. There they were attacked by the Super-Adaptoid, who was trying to complete its programming by killing Captain America. Goliath and the Avengers managed to defeat the android by tricking it into using all of its copied powers at once causing it to short circuit.[140] On their way home, Goliath and the Wasp happened past Hank's old house. When Janet asked to go in and get some make-up she left there, Pym's mental conditioning kicked in and he convinced her that he was too tired to go looking, thus keeping Ultron's anonymity in tact.[143]

Hank's Fluctuating Powers

Goliath and Wasp's old foe the Human Top -- having reinvented himself as a new villain called Whirlwind -- decided to get revenge as his old enemies. Taking on the false identity of Charles Matthews, Whirlwind got a job as Janet's chauffeur. This allowed him to get close enough to his old foes to know when they would be alone in Avengers Mansion. At this time Henry began working on controlling ants again, focusing on red ants, a species that was previously resistant to his mental commands in the past. Whirlwind attacked and used a shrink ray to reduce Goliath and the Wasp down to ant size and then tossed them into the ants habitat. Without their control devices and their size changing powers negated by the shrink ray, the couple were forced to fend for themselves. Eventually Henry got to a miniaturized cybernetic control-center that he made and salvaged it to create a new ant controlling headpiece which worked on the red ant. The pair then escaped their death trap just as Captain America and Quicksilver forced Whirlwind to flee. They then reversed the shrink ray to restore Janet and Henry back to normal.[144] Afterwords, the Avengers were rocked when Captain America suddenly decided to quit the team[145], making Hank the chairman to the Avengers[146]. In order to get their minds off of this, Henry and Janet decided to take a trip to Las Vegas.[145] The couple were called back to New York when Hawkeye received a distress signal from Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch stating that they had become prisoners of Magneto. However before they could deal with this news, they mansion was approached by the new heroic Black Knight. Mistaking him for their old foe, the Wasp and the others battled him. It was during this battle that Hank began to discover his worse fears: that his growing powers were once again causing too much strain to his body forcing him to refrain from using them. After a brief battle they learned this new Black Knight was not a foe, and merely sought to warn them about Magneto's threat before he left, angry that they attacked him. [147][148]

The Avengers were later dispatched to the United Nations Building when Magneto, the Toad, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch appeared there. Magneto put up the false pretence that he came to the United Nations to petition them to allow Mutants to have their own independent nation under his rule. When he was flat out refused, he attacked the UN assembly. While the Avengers came to defend the UN, Magneto used the opportunity to cause a guard's gun to fire, and used his magnetic powers to make the bullet crease the Scarlet Witch's brow, convincing Quicksilver to rejoin his side, and they soon fled.[149] With no other choice, Goliath was forced to reveal to his teammates that he could no longer use his growing powers. They eventually went to track down Hercules, who had been on a private mission for a number of days. They traced him to Mount Olympus where they assisted Hercules in his battle against Typhon who had banished the Olympians to the Land of Shades. Although they defeated Typhon and restored the Olympians, they lost Hercules as a teammate as his exile was lifted and he wished to return to his people.[150] Goliath then began trying to work on a means of restoring his growing powers but these experiments proved to be nearly fatal, and a failure. Soon the Avengers were once again targeted by the Collector, who captured the Wasp, Hawkeye and Goliath. Before they were imprisoned they found that Thor was already the Collector's slave. Unwilling to have an "incomplete" Avenger, the Collector then began experimenting on Goliath to try and restore his powers. The Avengers however eventually broke free, forcing the Collector to flee. Later, with the help of Thor and Iron Man, Goliath got the assistance he needed to have his growing powers restored to their peak once again. [151]

The Avengers were soon targeted by the Grim Reaper, who sought revenge against the Avengers as he blamed them for the apparent death of his brother, Wonder Man. Using his scythe, the Reaper put Goliath, the Wasp, and Hawkeye in a death-like state. Ultimately, the Reaper's plans were foiled by the Avenger's newest recruit the Black Panther who restored the Avengers back to normal.[152] The group was next approached by the Angel who sought the Avengers to aid the X-Men in stopping Magneto's latest schemes. Finding that Magneto had bugged the Angel and knew they were coming, they set up an elaborate ruse to make it seem like they did not trust the Angel and were prone to in fighting among themselves. While the Avengers were busy fighting the X-Men, who were under Magneto's mind control device, the Angel got the drop on Magneto and destroyed it. The Toad then set the base to explode, and all parties fled the base, all save for Magneto who seemingly perished in the blast.[153][154]

Ultron Strikes

Eventually, Ultron had upgraded himself to the point where he felt ready to attack the Avengers in an attempt to try and destroy his "father". To this end, he adopted the guise of the Crimson Cowl. At this time the Avenger's butler Edwin Jarvis was in desperate need of money for his mothers medical treatments. As the Cowl, Ultron approached Jarvis, offering him the money he needed in exchange for details regarding the security systems at Avengers Mansion. Jarvis went along with the plan thinking that his employers would easily be able to stop their foe. Ultron however hypnotized Jarvis into doing his bidding[155]. Ultron then formed a new Masters of Evil, which included past members the Radioactive Man and Melter, as well as Whirlwind and Klaw. Additionally, Ultron also hired the Black Knight, thinking him the villainous original, and not his heroic successor. When the Masters went to attack Avengers Mansion, the Black Knight tried to tip the Avengers off. This gave the Avengers a chance to fight back, but they were still captured and taken back to the Masters secret hideout. There Ultron had Jarvis "reveal" himself as the Crimson Cowl, while posing as a immobile mechanical construct of the Cowl[156]. The Avengers were placed inside a neutron bomb which Ultron intended to use against the city of New York, but the heroes were freed by the Black Knight. During the ensuing battle, Ultron chose to reveal himself and his entire plot but managed to escape while his comrades were defeated by the Wasp and the others. [155]

Before the Avengers could figure out why Ultron was seeking to destroy them, they received a call from Captain America and met with him at Dr. Doom's old castle. There Cap wanted to use Doom's Time-Platform to visit the year 1945 and confirm that Bucky had died during his battle with Baron Zemo in that era. While most of the team went back in time, the the Wasp stayed in the present to man the controls[157]. While Janet was watching the controls, the time traveller known as the Scarlet Centurion used one of his devices to make Jan become sleepy and hit one of specific controls[158]. This caused Goliath and the others to materialize before Baron Zemo. This led to a brief clash with the heroes before the Wasp woke up in the present and returned them to their native era[157]. However instead of being transported to the present, they were instead transported to the alternate reality of Earth-689. Returning to Avengers Mansion, the Wasp and the others were shocked to find what appeared to be the original Avengers meeting at their headquarters. This led to a brief clash where Janet fought an alternate version of herself. Escaping Avengers Mansion, Pym took the Avengers to Long Island university where Herodotus computer was being developed. There they learned that in this reality the Scarlet Centurion appeared before the original Avengers just after their battle with the Space Phantom and convinced them that in order to create a utopia, they had to destroy every other super-human on the planet. Seeing that their Earth-689 counterparts had created a fascist state, Janet and the others recovered the parts of Dr. Doom's Time-Platform, clashing with their counterparts once again. When they reassembled the Time-Platform and activated it, the Scarlet Centurion used it to enter that reality and attack them. Pym shrank down to ant-size and tampered with the controls shunting the Centurion away and transporting them to their native Earth-616. Returned to their proper time, the Avengers were visited by the Watcher who told the group that the Centurion was a past version of their old foe Kang the Conqueror. [158][159]

While the Avengers were occupied, Ultron continued to plot against the Avengers, tracking down the Mad Thinker and forcing him to turn over the seemingly inert android body of the original Human Torch[143]. Unknown to the two villains was that the time traveller Immortus used the Forever Crystal to create a chronal duplicate of the Torch as part of his on going plans to manipulate the destiny of the Avengers. One copy was taken by Ultron for his purposes, while another was left behind for the Mad Thinker to use for other purposes[160]. Ultron then took his copy of the Torch and rebuilt it into a new android known as the Vision[161][143], using stolen brain engrams of Wonder Man to create the Vision's new personality[138]. Ultron then sent the Vision to attack Hank and Janet and kill them.

There are two differing accounts of the Vision's first encounter with the Avengers. In the first account, the Vision attacked Janet's apartment just as Hank left to work on a bacteria culture. Hearing Janet scream for help, Pym raced to her rescue to find the Vision had passed out on the floor. Goliath and the Wasp took the Vision back to Avengers Mansion to examine him, learning that he was an android. The Vision then revived and a battle broke out which ended abruptly when the Vision overcame Ultron's programming. The Vision then led the Avengers to Ultron's hideout where Ultron's body was seemingly destroyed by the Vision[162]. Another account states that on the night in question, Hank and Janet had an argument over the amount of time that Hank was spending on his research and how it was neglecting their relationship. This took place at Avengers Mansion and when the Vision attacked, Hawkeye and the Black Panther were there to help. They were also attacked by Ultron at the Mansion and it was here that the Vision seemingly destroyed his creator[161]. The Avengers then began trying to uncover the mystery of the Vision[163], and decided to make him a member of the Avengers. While the Vision was recounting what he knew about his own creation, it also caused Hank to remember his own hand in creating Ultron and the mystery was finally resolved[138]. Curious, Hank managed to recover Ultron's head and with Iron Man reactivated it to learn why the robot turned against its creator. Ultron explained that it considered organic life weak and that the it was determined to eliminate all organic life to replace it with mechanical perfection. Pym then shut down Ultron before the disembodied head could attack him[164]. While Ultron appeared to be defeated, he would return to menace Pym and the Avengers again many times in the future.


Hank called in Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to discuss the addition of the Vision into their ranks, accepting the responsibility as chairman and the pressure he would be getting from both the NSA and SHIELD regarding the matter. Not long after it was agreed that the Vision was to become an active member of the Avengers, SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell had the Vision arrested for interrogation over possible connections to the missing Super-Adaptoid[146]. Pym was furious over this action and he demanded that Captain America get him an audience with SHIELD director Nick Fury. The meeting with Fury was tense, but a request was put to the table for the Avengers to follow a lead on the Adaptoid. Fury asked the Avengers to assist them in investigating reports that AIM had created an army of Adaptoids to attack a small island off the coast of the Philippines. Pym accepted the mission on the condition that SHIELD release the Vision, whom they cleared of any connection with the Super-Adaptoid anyway[165]. When they arrived over the island, the Avengers Quinjet was shot down and Hank ordered Janet and the others to shut down the AIM facility on the island while he dealt with the army of Adaptoids alone. Growing to giant size, Henry evacuated a nearby village and then faced the army by himself[166]. Janet and the others shut down the AIM facility, and Hank destroyed their army of Super-Adaptoids, but the original Adaptoid itself managed to escape. After getting reamed out by both Nick Fury and NSA special agent James Murch, Hank was plagued by nightmares that evening. Awoken by these nightmares, Hank went out to his lab and in a fit of rage began smashing his equipment[167]. A combination of his emotional stress and the chemicals he inadvertently exposed himself to trigged a schizophrenic episode. His memories of Hank Pym were submerged and his inhibitions were pushed to the fore. He developed a new identity and costume, calling himself Yellowjacket. Unaware of who he was he also fabricated a story in which he believed he had defeated Goliath in battle, shrinking him down to size and leaving him to die at the hands of a spider[168][169].

As Yellowjacket, Pym began busting up criminals all over the city before going to Avengers Mansion, subduing Jarvis and then demanding that the group give him membership[168][95]. At the time, SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell was in the mansion and in scanning Yellowjacket's face he found that it was a match to Henry Pym. When the Avengers took private council to consider Yellowjacket's demands Sitwell revealed this to them and also called in SHIELD psych specialist Agent Carver. Carver explained that Pym was going through a state of schizophrenic behaviour and that by exposing the truth to him could do more damage than good and cautioned the Avengers to play along with his delusions until further examination could bring about a treatment. The Avengers grudgingly agreed to do so, although Janet found herself uneasy with seemingly doing nothing for her lover[169]. It was then that Yellowjacket "revealed" that he had "killed" Henry Pym. This led to a clash between Yellowjacket and the Avengers, which ended with the heroes defeat and Janet as Pym's prisoner[168][169]. It here that Yellowjacket gave into his passions and kissed Janet and the two began talking about their future together. When the Avengers later "rescued" Jan from Yellowjacket, she informed the group that she intended to marry Yellowjacket, much to their shock and surprise[168]. Nick Fury was called in, and he was unimpressed with the situation, but Janet insisted that this was something that had to be done. Fury and the other Avengers conceded, agreeing to put on a mock wedding and keeping the truth of the situation a secret to avoid public embarrassment[170].


Henry Pym (Earth-616) and Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) are married from Avengers Vol 1 60 001

The wedding[171]

Unknown to Yellowjacket, his teammates were still struggling with how to deal with his current schizophrenic personality, with the Wasp insisting that the wedding had to go through, much to the protest of both the Avengers and SHIELD. Nonetheless, the wedding continued on under SHIELD supervision with all the super-hero guests invited accepting the "twist" wedding[170]. Unknown to all at the time, the catering staff had been replaced by the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime who sought to get revenge against Thor by attacking him at the wedding[171][170]. The villains hid Princess Python's pet boa constrictor in the wedding cake and when Janet went to cut it, the snake attacked[171][170]. Seeing Janet in peril, Yellowjacket at first cracked under the pressure until suddenly he used his growing powers "revealing" that he was Henry Pym the whole time. He and the Avengers easily defeated the Circus of Crime and turned them over to the authorities[171][172]. With Pym's mind seemingly restored to health, he accepted the fact that he was married to Janet, as the wedding was technically legal anyhow[171]. After the wedding, Hank was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation from Agent Carver, who reported back that while Hank was seemingly back to normal, his mental state was still far from stable[172]. Hank and Janet were returned to the Mansion just as Hawkeye, the Vision, and Black Panther took down the Super-Adaptoid. Later after a SHIELD debriefing over recent events, Hank and Janet decided to leave the group for their honeymoon and reflect on where their relationship was to go from there, but Hank vowed that when they returned they would devote themselves to the Avengers one hundred percent. [173]

The Honeymoon's Over

During their honeymoon, Hank deduced that his growing powers was what was partially responsible for his schizophrenic episode and decided to retire as Goliath in favour of maintaining his Yellowjacket identity, using his shrinking powers once again. He revealed this too late to Janet, who had designed a new Goliath costume for him. Initially, Hank and Janet returned to Avengers Mansion to destroy his latest and most powerful growth formula. However before he could, the Avengers were called by what appeared to be Nick Fury and asked to rescue the Black Widow from captivity in the Caribbean. Yellowjacket and the Wasp accompanied the Avengers on this mission, but Hawkeye -- given his past romantic relationship with the Black Widow -- was ordered to stay behind. This turned out to be a trap set by a partnership between Egghead, the Mad Thinker, and the Puppet Master, part of a plot to conquer the world. However while the Avengers were sent on a wild goose chase, Hawkeye took Pym's growth formula and abandoned Goliath costume and rescued the Widow from the villains who had her prisoner at Coney Island, although the villains escaped[174]. The other Avengers soon learned that the trio of villains plotted to use a massive satellite to hold the world hostage[175]. When they returned to base they found Hawkeye missing and began searching for him[176]. However Goliath and the Black Widow safe and sound[177], the Avengers were then visited by Golitha's brother, racketeer Barney Barton who provided the group with the location of Egghead's satellite in exchange for being allowed to join them and redeem himself. The Avengers stormed the satellite but were immobilized by some puppets made by the Puppet Master. Barney then seemingly sacrificed his life to stop Egghead, who managed to escape[178]. Egghead continued to target the Avengers, seeking to get revenge against his old foe Henry Pym. He hired the Swordsman to capture both Pym and Hawkeye, unaware of their recent changes in identity. Swordsman, having a past with Hawkeye accepted the job. However, when learning that Clint Barton abandoned his Hawkeye identity for Goliath, he mistakenly assumed that Henry Pym was Goliath and Hawkeye and kidnapped him, leaving the unconscious Yellowjacket behind after his attack on Avengers Mansion. Goliath later revived and captured both the Swordsman and Egghead. [179]

Shortly after this, Captain America led the entire world to believe that his identity as Steve Rogers was a false identity, forcing him to create a new one and struggle with his new life of anonymity[180]. Cap's distance from the team worried Yellowjacket, the Wasp and the other Avengers[181]. Later when Cap's arch-nemesis the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to swap their bodies[181], Cap in the Skull's body attempted to warn the Avengers. Yellowjacket, the Wasp and the others attempted to subdue the "Red Skull". When the Avengers and the Cosmic Cube controlled Sharon Carter proved incapable of destroying the Captain America, the Red Skull banished him to Exile Island[182]. Ultimately, Cap managed to defeat the Red Skull and return his mind to his proper body[183]. The Wasp next joined her fellow Avengers to meet with Adamantium inventory Myron MacLain to test the durability of the metal. When it proved as indestructible as claimed, the Vision -- acting on secret programming planted in his mind by Ultron -- stole the Adamantium and Molecular Rearranger needed to forge it to rebuild his creator. The Adamantium constructed Ultron-6 then attacked the Avengers[184]. The Wasp and the others were no match for this neigh invulnerable incarnation of their foe and he easily defeated them. Recovering, they followed Ultron back to his former hideout where the robot plotted to set off a nuclear explosion to destroy the city[185]. This nuclear holocaust was stopped by the Vision who finally managed to shake off Ultron's influence and save his comrades, but Ultron escaped. Seeking to lure Ultron into a trap, Yellowjacket contacted the Black Panther and had him ship them some Vibranium from his homeland of Wakanda. Then, Hank allowed himself to be hypnotized into thinking he was Myron MacLain with the hypnotic suggestion to constantly think of the phrase "thou shall not kill". Then, posing as the noted scientist he presented a speech to the United Nations. As expected, Ultron went after "MacLain" to siphon his knowledge of Adamantium so that Ultron could create an indestructible robot army. Instead, when Ultron attempted to drain "MacLain's" mind he absorbed the hypnotic command. Fighting it, Ultron attempted to self destruct, but the the blast was contained by the Vibranium, and Ultron was seemingly destroyed in the process. [186]


The Wasp and the rest of the Avengers came to the aid of their teammate Iron Man who was in the middle of a battle with an Iron Man LMD. While they arrived too late for the battle, Iron Man had destroyed his robotic doppelgänger, but at great strain to his frail heart. At the time the Avengers did not know that Iron Man and Tony Stark were one and the same, and were shocked when they unmasked Iron Man's armor to find Stark wearing it. Stark covered for his double identity by telling them that the "real" Iron Man was on another mission leaving him to defend his business alone[187]. The Avengers rushed Stark to a hospital for treatment. There they were attacked by Kang's Growing Man. The group tried to stop the Growing Man from kidnapping Stark, but the entire team found themselves transported to the year 4000 AD of Earth-6311 by Kang. There they learned that Kang had entered a contest with the cosmic being known as the Grandmaster for the life of his lover Ravonna. To this end, Kang agreed to pit the Avengers against champions of the Grandmaster's choosing[188]. Janet was held prisoner, while Captain America, Goliath, Thor and Iron Man were pitted against the Grandmaster's Squadron Sinister[189], Yellowjacket, the Vision and Black Panther found themselves transported to France circa 1941. There they were forced to battle that eras Captain America, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner[190][191].

With the heroes victorious, Kang sought to destroy his foes, but the Wasp -- with the unexpected assistance of the Black Knight -- freed Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Goliath. They then attacked Kang and freed the others. The Grandmaster then offered Kang an opportunity: Either having his love Ravonna restored to life, or be given the power to destroy the Avengers. Thirsty for revenge Kang chose the latter, but failed in doing so as the Black Knight was not a member of the Avengers and he easily defeated Kang. The Grandmaster then returned the Avengers and their ally back to their own era. The Wasp then joined her fellow Avengers in accepting the Black Knight into their ranks. [190]


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