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Janice Sung was the mother of Sonia Sung, and strongly disapproved of her daughter's marriage to Clay Cortez. She used to live inside the Cortez family's secret bunker.[1]

When Clayton and Sonia went on the run, they brought Janice with them despite her open dislike of her son-in-law. Janice was taken hostage by Weapon V when they sought to recruit Clayton to fight Carnage, though she refused to be intimidated by their threats to kill her if he refused to comply.

Held by Dr. Andrew Breen, she initially thought he would be a better match for her daughter than Clayton only to realize that Dr. Breen was insane. Terrified by Breen raving about an omnicidal dark god, Janice reconciled with her son-in-law after being freed by Breen.[2]

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