Jared was a kid from Pittsburgh, who lived alone with his father, a violent, alcoholic, unemployed man who had interest only for his beer, his television, his food and his guns.

As he was a very good student since he started school, scoring only A's, he skipped third, fourth and fifth grade, and ended up at the age of twelve in a class of fifteens years old students, most of them bullies, but also Kate Cooke.

Bullied everyday, and feeling worse to accept Kate help, which he saw more as her pity, and treated as bad by his father, he kept on working, preparing his revenge to the world, by becoming a Nobel laureate.

One day, Duncan "Dunk" Sebast, one of the most admired kids at the school but also one of Jared's bullies, asks him to do his homework. Jared does the report for him, not too well so that it wouldn’t arouse suspicions, and thinks that Dunk will be friendly towards him.

Short after, he witness Kate with Nelson, and asks to Duncan to break up this relationship for him. Duncan rejected him, and bully him with friend, driving Jared over the edge. He brought one of his father's guns to school and murdered Duncan Sebast, killing Kate in the process.

People seem to see Jared as the true hero in the affair, having unmasked and killed a hidden mutant. He was taken out by the police.[1]


Jared is a very smart boy, with great memory.


  • Asthmatic: Jared is asthmatic, which prevents him from playing sports.
  • He need glasses to see clearly.

  • At eight years old, he had read the Worldbook Encyclopedia

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