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Jared Beekman was the abusive boyfriend of Dia Slone, a former client of Jessica Jones,[1] in part because he was jealous of her mutant ability to manipulate reality.[2] Wishing to rectify the situation, Dia gave Jared her powers and he accidentally split himself in two, with one possessing all of his positive attributes, and the other all of the negative ones, including his desire to be able to manipulate reality as well.[3]

After the Jared's duplicate murdered several other women -- including Jessica Jones, Elsa Bloodstone,[1] Lorina Dodson, Sybil Dvorak, and Mary Jane Watson[2] -- Jared was repeatedly forced to reverse his actions until ultimately the two Jared's merged back into one individual and he was taken into A.C.D. custody.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Dia Sloane of Earth-11131.

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