Jared was a HYDRA field agent who had a romantic relationship with Jessica Drew while she was briefly a part of the organization. When he became captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. during a "goodwill mission", Drew, under her original codename "Agent Arachne", sneaked into a holding facility to free him, only to inadvertently kill him in the ensuing firefight. [1]

It was only later that she learned that Jared was actually on a bombing mission in Morocco that killed several civilians, and that the entirety of HYDRA was nothing but a ruthless terrorist squad. [1]

Spider-Woman Origin

The events of Jared's death are retconned in the Spider-Woman Origin miniseries, which reveal that instead of dying by Jessica's hand during his escape attempt, he is instead re-captured and kept as a prisoner for 8 months before being freed by his fellow agents. He later confronts Jessica in a nightclub in London and attempts to kill her for betraying their organization, but she knocks him unconscious, straps him instead a plane, and crashes it into a HYDRA facility before making her escape. [2]

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