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Jaromel was major domo to Michael Korvac, the clockwork man and ruler of Earth-691 using his cosmic power. Korvac amused himself by allowing Steve Rogers to continue to exist as Captain America, fighting to rise up against Korvac time and time again, only to be struck down and have his rebellion erased from history by Korvac's power each time; however, Korvac neglected to account for the inspirational power of Captain America's message of freedom on Jaromel, the only other being outside the influence of Korvac's temporal resets. Jaromel, as Primax, eventually took up the cause of Captain America after Rogers fell in Earth-69978, turning against Korvac and taking up the mantle of the fallen Captain America in Earth-69979.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[4]
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  • Metallic skin provides Jaromel with bulletproof durability and grants him advanced longevity, as well as immunity to terrestrial diseases.[2]

Physical Strength

  • Able to lift 500 lbs.[2]



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