After moving to the United States of America, Jasmine joined Parker Industries as Raul's assistant.[2]

She got her girlfriend contracted by Parker Industries to help research a Terrigen Crystal provided by Queen Medusa who sought Parker Industries' assistance in developing countermeasures to the deadly effects being experienced by mutants; however, without proper safeguards in place, due to the incorrect belief that nobody in the lab possessed Inhuman genes, Rhonda was exposed to Terrigen Mist and entered into a cocoon, which was stolen by Lash.[3] Later that day, she was informed by her assistant that Rhonda was at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. When Jasmine got inside the church, she found Rhonda, in her Glorianna, pitched in a battle with Spider-Man. Seeing Jasmine shocked her so much that she threw her attack at Jasmine instead of Spider-Man. Jasmine later awoke in Mercy Medical Center.[4]

Raul (Parker Industries) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 18 001

Raul transformed

Jasmine and Raul were sent by Miguel to Chicago to represent Parker Industries in a environmental convention. As they arrived in McCormick Place, Raul was scratched by Medea and collapsed with a fever. She brought him to Chicago General Hospital, where he transformed into a Zombie. He attacked Jasmine and almost killed her until the curse was lifted.[5]

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