Jason Latour joined Jason Aaron in a protest against Roxxon's use of "gracking," a new method for extracting oil that was extremely harmful for the environment and humans due to its use of gamma radiation.

They encountered Deadpool and Roxxon CEO Dario Agger when Agger was paying Deadpool for sponsoring gracking. Sarah Silverman, one of the activists, started convincing Deadpool of Agger's evilness, and the CEO transformed into his Minotaur alter-ego to kill them.

After punching the Minotaur in the name of the Earth, Latour turned back on the villain to reveal to his friends that actualy he didn't care about the Earth, but "just wanted to sock a minotaur." The Minotaur took advantage of Latour's own distraction to grab him from behind and tear him apart. Deadpool and the rest of the activists fough back, but Dagger escaped.

Latour's corpse was later dumped on a trash can near the Roxxie Burger restaurant where Deadpool and the activists took a break, with the sign "R.I.P. Latour."[1]

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