Little is known about Macendale, other than that he was described as a "greedy bum" before Norman Osborn changed him into the Hobgoblin. His history is similar to his Earth-92131 counterpart in one respect, he was turned into the Hobgoblin by Osborn as a means of revenge against the Kingpin. In turn, Hobgoblin double-crossed Osborn and joined forces with the Kingpin, with kidnapping Osborn's son Harry as his first task. Unlike his Earth-92131 counterpart, however, Hobgoblin did not blindfold Harry[1] and as a result, Harry (and his friend Peter Parker) knew Fisk was a criminal much earlier.[2] Macendale went on to betray the Kingpin as well and take over Fisk's hideout before being defeated by Spider-Man.[3]


Seemingly those of the Jason Macendale Jr. of Earth-92131.


Goblin Armor


Goblin Glider


Pumpkin Bombs

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