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Jason Tso was a New York City crime lord.[1]

Virtual Mortality

Mr. Tso ordered his men to steal some experimental computer chips, but they were in turn subtracted by Doctor Octopus' men.[2] Thanks to Ben Reilly's intervention, Tso survived an assassination attempt by the Pro, and hired the former waiter as his new bodyguard.[3] Ben Reilly saved Mr. Tso's life yet again when the Club Noir was attacked by Aura, Override, and Looter.[4]


Helped by Alistaire Smythe, Jason Tso defeated Ock's men using the cyber-slayers.[5] Concerned about the Daily Bugle article relating him to the organized crime, Tso ordered Ben Reilly to take care of reporter Ken Ellis.[6] Escorted by Orlando Kannor, Jason Tso then visited Smythe's underground factory.[7] While he was engaged in battle with Doctor Octopus' forces, Tso was eventually shot and killed by the Pro.[8]

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