Mastermind was a prisoner of Sugar Man and experimented on by. One of the experiments done on Mastermind would cause brain damage that would affect the speech centers of his brain, becoming mute. When Sugar Man's future self would travel back in time to utilize his lab to create a powerful virus, he was the next victim to have it tested on. Mastermind would be rescued by Forge, Magneto, Morph and the time traveling Nate Grey[1].

Mastermind remained with Forge and travel around the country with him as part of his growing band of Outcasts, and along their travels they would pick up Nate Grey's younger self. In their travels they would help humans in need as well as put on performances for people - with Mastermind utilizing his illusion powers to enhance their performances or hide their mutant natures if need be. Mastermind would be present when the Outcasts would stop a train load of humans to be culled[2]. When the troupe would admit a man named Essex into their band, unaware that he was really a disguised Sinister coming to collect Nate to use as a weapon against Apocalypse, Mastermind would accompany the group as they would destroy one of Apocalypse's factories[3].

Nate's regular use of his powers would bring Apocalypse's agents Domino, Caliban and Grizzly down upon the Outcasts. In defending his friends, Mastermind would attempt to frighten Domino off with an illusion of Apocalypse, however she would blast him with her plasma gun, incinerating him. Mastermind's death would be avenged by Nate who would use his telepathy to wipe out Domino's mind[4].


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