Jasper Angevine was a student of computer sciences at Oxford University, specializing in data encryption, with his rich parent paying for it. He was accused of vandalism on the headmaster's office, apparently because the headmaster had reduced scholarships for underprivileged students, and he also tried to get credit for a course in Bikini waxing.[1]

Angevine called the attention of Andreas Vadas, a corrupt member of the mercenary group Wild Pack. Vadas had him kidnapped. Angevine was injected a serum that turned him into a hypnotized sleeper agent, reacting to a trigger phrase; later, he was kept at Toulon, France. Silver Sable, leader of the Wild Pack, and Dominic Fortune, private investigator, co-operated to track the kidnappers and rescued Angevine. Fortune unadvertidly said the trigger phrase and Angevine tried to murder Sable.[2] He failed, but he injured Fortune. They took him to a safe house in Marseilles, where he recovered his best judgement and called his father, in a difficult phone call.[1]

Sable wanted to make a raid on Vadas' apartment and hack his computer files, but to do so he needed two accomplices: Another man on the field, in this case Fortune, and an optech expert. After failing to find a suitable contact, she recruited Angevine, saying he was being monitored by the agencies in the business and that he could help preventing that other people suffered as he did. Angevine agreed to help, although Fortune believed it was unethical to bring him into this kind of business.[1]

Angevine provided a device to hack the files and kept constant comm contact. As the situation got out of control, Angevine told Sable that she needed to bring the physical device back,[1] which she did. Thanks to this, Angevine could crack Vadas' security and obtain information on Vadas' following moment: Vadas was going to sell the serum to the terrorist organization Sword of Glory, in Dr. Doom's American Castle. He also discovered the identity of other six sleeper agents. Sable decided that stopping the exchange was a priority,[3] but they later went to find and cure all the other agents.[4]


An excellent computer scientist and hacker.


Short-sighted, must use glasses.

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