Jasper Sandstorm

Jasper Sandstorm was a rancher who lived in Bearpaw Basin, Texas during the days of the American Frontier. Desiring wealth, he developed the costume identity of the Hawk and with his gang rustled cattle from other ranchers in the area in order to drive them out of business. In order to distance himself from the gang, Jasper even rustled his own cattle. The stolen beef was hidden in nearby cave that was obscured by a waterfall that acted as his gang's hideout. He eventually accused local rancher Ham Coley of being the Hawk and inflamed the other ranchers into starting a lynch mob to hang Coley.

Coley's life was saved by the timely arrival of the Arizona Kid and Happy Hicks who were sent into the region by the Texas Rangers to investigate the cattle rustling. Later that night when the Kid and Hicks camped out for the night after searching for the Hawk and his gang, Jasper rallied his men and attempted to kill the two Rangers in their sleep. However, the Arizona Kid heard their approach and roused Happy fast enough to defend themselves. Outmatched by the two Rangers, the Hawk and his men fled the scene. The Kid and Happy tracked them back to their secret hideout, but by then the Hawk had already doffed his costume and fled the scene.

Finding the Hawk's hood, the Kid noticed blonde hairs in it and correctly deduced that Jasper was really the Hawk. The following morning Jasper once more convinced the ranchers to try and hang Ham, but they were one more stopped by the Arizona Kid and Happy. When the Kid exposed the identity of the Hawk, Jasper confessed and tried to escape, but was easily captured by the Kid.[1]

Presumably, Jasper was hung for his crimes, however his ultimate fate is unknown.



Jasper was armed with a six-shooter.


Jasper rode a horse.

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