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Javier Santana was at Jones Beach at night with his wife and son to stargaze when they came upon the injured America Chavez. Not wanting her to be lost in the foster system, Javier took the young girl to the Santana home in Washington Heights, claiming she was a relative from San Juan until they could help her further. When America began recollecting parts of her origin, he, Ceci and the child counsellor were astonished to see her have the power of flight.

Not long after her powers manifested, Javi and Ceci would routinely urge America to stay low key as the NYPD's regards to Washington Heights residents was negative, and her vigilantism would draw more unwanted notice. During the baby shower for Berto's wife, Javi and Ceci would get into a fight with a tardy America over her obsession with being a hero, to which the young woman chose to denounce her adopted Santana name for her original Chavez, leaving the family.

Three years later, a mysterious forcefield and apartment fire trapped Javi with Ceci and their son's wife and son amid the inferno. Thankfully, America saved the family from the fire, set by an unseen enemy of her's. When relocating to his sister Marta's apartment, most everyone was happy to see America again.

When Ceci was ready to argue with America about her heroism, Javi asked her help to check on the state of the bodega. A ploy to keep the women from fighting, while also allowing him to try apologizing to his daughter. He would not get much time as she raced out after tracking down her stalker.[1]


Javi Santana is an empathetic man, showing concern and understanding for a lost child like America when she was found. However, he's also a cautious man given his upbringing in Washington Heights, where the relationship with the NYPD has them routinely antagonistic with people on the block. After America was beginning as a vigilante, he and Ceci would repeatedly try to urge her caution as attention is not something they needed.

After America returned and saved the family from a fire, Javi shows a more apologetic and reflective side to himself. Acknowledging mistakes and opening up about wanting to make amends with America for whatever he did to have her excommunicate the family.[1]


Javi is a Yankees fan.[2]

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