Jason was a newly manifested Inhuman from Minnesota who was found by Lash and later taken to the city of Orollan in order to repopulate it. While there, Lash rechristened him with a new name, Korvostax, and was introduced to a few other new Inhumans specifically Kacy, Mother Bones, and Grove. Soon after arriving there, Orollan was attacked by Queen Medusa and some members of her royal guard, which included Inferno.

Jason (Inhuman) (Earth-616) from Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1 1 001

Flint's rock form

Scared of what was going on around him, Lash told Korvostax to fight back. All of a sudden he unleashed some sort of energy out of his body that made the rocks from the ground float in the air and hurled them at Gorgon knocking him off balance. After Medusa defeated Lash, Jason asked her if he could join them in New Attilan.[2]


Inhuman Physiology: Like all Nuhumans, Jason's altered physiology gives him much greater physicality compared to most over baseline humans.

  • Increased Mass: Due to his transformation his body has significantly increased in heft and density making him difficult to move around.

Geokinesis: Flint's power allows him to manipulate the earth around and within him to a degree, while his control is rather finite seeing as he cannot manipulate earth born metals.

  • Rock Armor: Flint can use his Geokinesis to call rocks to form a shell around to create armor.
    • Superhuman Strength/Durability: While covered in this armor, Flint possesses superhuman strength and durability.
  • Flight: Flint can stand on a large rock and use his geokinesis to fly himself to his destination. His top speed is unknown.


  • Power Limitation: Flint can only control rocks, his powers have no effect on metal, dirt, or sand.

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