The Moon King is an alternate-reality future version of the Inhuman hero Flint bonded with a Skyspear (a quantum-computing machine) and fell from the sky on the day of the last battle with the Progenitors. Jaycen had broke the final seal which led to the end of the aeon of heroes. During this time, he went into a deep hibernation and spent the last five millennia embedded in the spear gathering energy for the day of his rebirth. Taking the moniker of The Moon King, Jaycen was brought back to life when Maximus touched the spear with his finger which triggered the revival process.[2]

Jaycen (Earth-TRN738) from Royals Vol 1 12 002

The Moon King fully revived

During a surprise attack on Noh-Varr by some unknown energy based creature, The Moon King quickly killed the animal by crushing it with his crystalline hand.[3] Now with a molded body made from energies of Primagen, Jaycen and the others looked onward as the Progenitor's main ship entered Earth's atmosphere.[4]

The Progenitors fired a big blast from beneath their ship upon the so-called experimental byproducts as Maximus referred to them as but the Moon King blocked the beam with his enormous arms. Withstanding the vast amount of energy being reflected off him, the King held out long enough for Maximus to grab a piece of the primagen crystal and used it to contact his past self in order to relay the message of what had been transpiring in the future so changes could be made in the past.

As the Progenitor Commander-Class exited the ship and killed Noh-Varr, the Moon King had on long enough until the powerful sonic attack from the Progenitor blew up the entire planet killing them in the process.[1]


Seemingly those of the Jaycen of Earth-616 and further mutated by Primagen.


Seemingly those of the Jaycen of Earth-616 and further mutated by Primagen.

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