Jayden and his friend Ava were watching the televised event of the introduction of the first international Captain America, Shannon Carter by CCO Ezekiel Stane. Jayden was excited to hear the news but Ava told him that she was no Captain America, that Tony Stark was the only one that brought Cap back. Jayden mentioned Steve Rogers' name and she said no, the real one was Frank Castle.

Jayden didn't know who she was talking about, so she took him to where he lived, just around the block. When they got there, all Jayden saw was this old man in sweat pants taking out the garbage. He laughed at the thought of who this guy might be, so he got back on his bike telling her he wasn't going to waste his time believing her. As he took off the old man through the garbage lid at Jayden with such strength and precision resulting in him falling off his bike. He then left the scene in a hurry. [1]

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