Jayden Ong was a Singaporean violinist, regarded as a national treasure. He caused a car accident by texting and driving, crashing into another car. Ong lost his left arm, and the other driver, a pastry chef named Hannah, died. Arno Stark of the Maria Stark Foundation was contacted to help Ong, and he used a procedure years ahead of any known science to replace his missing arm with Hannah's, who had the right length and the proper muscle tone and dexterity to allow him to play the violin. Stark's procedure also allowed Ong to be instantly able to move his new arm and play right away.

Stark's seemingly miraculous solution came at a cost. A portion of Hannah's consciousness manifested through her arm. When Ong was sleeping, the arm would write down on his music sheets things like "Where am I?" and "Why did you do this to me?" When Jayden contacted Arno because of this, Arno berated him for never bothering to ask who was the arm's donor, revealing that she had been the victim of his recklessness. Arno refused to help Ong, and the only advise he gave him was to continue playing, so to make Hannah part of his music to soothe her.[1]

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