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Jazinda Kl'rt-Spawn[src]


Jazinda Kl'rt-Spawn is the daughter of the famous Super-Skrull Kl'rt and a former agent of the Skrull Empire. She was sent to recover the Sy-Torak Gem, a sacred artifact of the Skrull stolen by the Kree. After retrieving it, she was discovered and swallowed the gem to keep it from the Kree. This allowed her to escape, but caused the artifact to bond to her, giving her the power to resurrect. Since it was now impossible to remove it without killing her, Jazinda fled the Empire and ended up on Earth.[6]

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Jazinda went on to join Freeman Bonding Inc and became She-Hulk's partner solely as a business arrangement, but, with time, the two became good friends.[7][8]

When Jazinda felt the presence of Nogor the Talisman, a Skrull representing the Skrull Gods, she told Jennifer an invasion was imminent and they traveled to Detroit, Michigan to face him.[9]

After spotting him disguised as Longshot with the mutant Darwin, who was unaware his companion was a Skrull, Jazinda ran after him, but Darwin interfered and made her trip.[10] After the arrival of Jen and a confrontation with X-Factor, Jazinda managed to catch up with Nogor, whose safety was paramount to the Skrull Army maintaining their moral and belief that their actions were righteous. Darwin attempted to defend Nogor, still believing him to be Longshot, which caused a blast from Jazinda's gun to ricochet off of his body and hit her instead. While She-Hulk was being kept busy by hundreds of Madrox dupes, Monet St. Croix located 'Longshot' and Darwin, telepathically scanning 'Longshot' and finding nothing to suggest he might be a Skrull, though Darwin's powers revealed the truth moments later.[9]

She-Hulk was able to defeat Madrox and contact Jazinda, whom she learned was still on Nogor's trail. She-Hulk and Jazinda then teamed up with X-Factor to fight the exposed Nogor, who was trying to recruit Darwin to the Skrulls side. While Nogor was distracted by Darwin, She-Hulk was able to hit him, which gave Jazinda a chance to place a device on him to nullify his powers.[1]

The two of them wanted to use Nogor to try and stop the Skrulls, but were unsure of who to trust on Earth. After freeing some humans from a small Skrull ship, they were met by Jazinda's father Kl'rt, who had tracked Jazinda to kill her for betraying the Empire. During the ensuing fight between Jen and Kl'rt, Nogor got free and also attacked Jazinda.[11]

After Jen was temporarily blinded by Kl'rt, the Super-Skrull killed his daughter but, after hearing She-Hulk's words about his son and the grief associated with his loss, he decided to prevent Nogor from removing the Gem from Jazinda and leave her with Jen so she could return to life.[6]

After Jazinda's recovery, Mallory Book, a lawyer with a vendetta against Jennifer, tried to get her to betray Jaz by reinstating her as a lawyer. In the meantime, Jazinda was attacked by an old She-Hulk villain, Man-Elephant (now going by Behemoth). After knocking Jazinda unconscious, her identity as a skrull was revealed and she was captured and tortured by government agents. Knowing they'd come for Jennifer next, Jazinda contacted her telepathically and asked that she pretend she didn't know she was a skrull, but Jennifer ignored her warnings and rescued her with the assistance of her all-female team, the Lady Liberators.[12]

After this, Mallory, understanding the importance of friendship, finally forgave Jen and told her she'd make it so Jennifer wouldn't have to answer before her actions. After bidding farewell, she called an emergency meeting at FEW and canceled all the She-Hulk plans.[13] Shortly after, however, Jazinda was apprehended by S.W.O.R.D. in their efforts to rid Earth of all aliens.[14]


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  • Skrull Shape-Shifting[6]
  • Self-Resurrection: The Sy-Torak Gem that Jazinda swallowed bestowed upon her the power of resurrection. Depending on the nature of the wound she had sustained, Jazinda resurrected between 90 and 120 seconds after death.[15]



  • Sy-Torak Gem: Jazinda possesses the ability to recover from even fatal injuries, an ability she acquired by ingesting a mystical gem of unknown origin. The limitation of the gem's powers is yet to be discovered.[6]
  • Jazinda also uses Skrull technology, such as a psi-link device, subcutaneous locator, a gun with a bio-scanner capable of taking enemies down non-lethally and a portal computer that responds to her mental commands.[15]


RV, spaceship


  • As of She-Hulk (Vol. 2) #28, Jazinda has had thirty-seven sexual partners, up to five of them simultaneously.

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