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Early Life[]

Jean-Paul DuChamp was a French Soldier who became involved with Isabelle Kristel, who was secretly an agent for DGSE the French intelligence service. However when Kristel broke off with him, he decided to join the French Foreign Legion. He however later left the unit to become a soldier of fortune.[7]

Moon Knight[]

While operating in North Africa, he befriended fellow mercenary Marc Spector, when Spector was enrolled in illegal fights. The two became close friends and Marc took to calling him "Frenchie". He operated as a pilot on the missions, and he and Spector eventually found work alongside Raul Bushman. When Bushman led a raid on the Egypt/Sudan border, they intended to rob the Tomb of Pharaoh Seti II which had been uncovered by archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune. During the heist Marc turned against Bushman after he killed Dr. Alraune. Spector was left to die, but was brought back to life by the Egyptian god Khonsu becoming "Moon Knight". Shocked to see his friend still alive Frenchie helped Spector attack Bushman's forces.[1][8]

Moon Knight's Pilot[]

Frenchie became Spector's trusted confidant and helped in his crusade by designing and piloting Moon Knight's Helicopter.[1]

On the mission against organized crime Spector sent Frenchie to infiltrate the Committee, a criminal cartel. Taking the name of Monsieur LeBlanc he tricked the the organization into hiring Moon Knight as one of their agents. Moon Knight was sent to capture Jack Russell the Werewolf by Night, however he ultimately released Russell without letting them knowing the truth.[9]

Frenchie then helped Moon Knight when a group of masked men were attempted to break into was the campaign headquarters for a mayoral prospect named Charles Thurston.[10] Frenchie also rescued Moon Knight from a battle with Crossfire and his forces.[11] They investigated the death of Amos Lardner when his body arrived in a crate on Spector's doorstep. They learned that Amos' brother James had become a test subject in a CIA experiment.[12]

Frenchie piloted Moon Knight on the missions when he faced Slasher, a man slaying homeless people.[13] the thief Midnight Man.[14] Edward Redditch,[2] White Angel of Death,[15] and the return of Bushman who was revealed to have hired Midnight Man.[16]

Isabelle came to the US looking for Frenchie, after she left, he revealed how they met to his friends. However six days later she was murdered. Cajun Creed killed her for failing to deliver a shipment of cocaine. Frenchie swore revenge and travelled to New Orleans, in disguise Frenchie as a pirate, and Moon Knight just as himself. They found Creed in the French quarter and Frenchie tried to get his revenge, Moon Knight intervened but he escaped. He followed him to a warehouse and confronted Creed but is surprised by a confederate shot him. Moon Knight came to the rescue and took out the drug dealers. Creed revealed that he caught Kristel and tortured her for five days and all she would say was that was planning to retire with Frenchie. Frenchie stepped in and killed Creed. Frenchie then travelled to Paris to place a rose and pay respects to Kristel's grave.[7]

Frenchie continued to assist Moon Knight and started dating Chloe Tran.[17] They rescued Marlene from Bushman who came for revenge, they travelled to the African nation of Burunda, and he piloted them home.[18] He assisted Moon Knight on a mission against Midnight ultimately recruiting him to their cause.[19] They battled Zombie hordes created by the Voodoo priest Doctor Friday.[20] Frenchie helped Moon Knight and the Punisher on their mission against Flag-Smasher.[21] However Killer Shrike nearly killed him by crashing the Mooncopter.[22] He survived but his legs were crushed and the surgeons spent hours trying to repair them.[23] Even while recovering in hospital he helped Marc by using his connections to put him in contact with a D.E.A. agent.[24] Moon Knight was forced to work alone while Marlene took Frenchie to his doctor visits.[25] When Marc is arrested on put on trial in Bosqueverde, they traveled their to rescue him and was able to even with his injured legs.[26] Now back in action, he helped in a mission against the Secret Empire,[27][28] Plasma,[29] Stained Glass Scarlet,[30] and Hobgoblin.[31]

When Killer Shrike robbed a casino in Atlantic City, one of the employees contacted Frenchie as he had been tracking the criminal and hoped for revenge for a previous attack. He ambushed and battled Killer Shrike, now wearing a specialized design battle suit, while Moon Knight held off the henchmen.[32]

Frenchie was caught in a series of fire bombs set at Spector Mansion by Moon Knight's brother, Randall Spector.[33] As a result of his injuries, Frenchie lost the ability to walk and was confined to a wheelchair.[34]

Knights Templar[]

Chloe was revealed to be a member of the Knights Templar, an ancient order created to defeat the Hellbent, a race of Demons. Chloe told Frenchie that he was the Bloodline, and possessed a post-hypnotic ability to transform into any of his ancestors through concentration.[35] With the Knights Templar under attack from within by Seth the Immortal, Frenchie was considered the last hope of the Templars. Once his hereditary powers were activated, Frenchie should have been able to access the full knowledge, memories, and skill sets of his ancestors in the Bloodline. His injuries, however, prevented him from accessing the Bloodline fully. Instead, in times of stress he would physically manifest his ancestors, transforming into a healthy and mobile duplicate of his predecessors with their identities intact.[5] Using his new found abilities they defeated the Hellbent forces.[36]

The Committee's Revenge[]

Jean-Paul Duchamp (Earth-616) from Moon Knight Vol 5 24 001

Cybernetic legs

It was later revealed that Frenchie was a homosexual, and that he had been physically attracted to Marc Spector for many years.[37] The Committee initiated a new plan to destroy Moon Knight. They hired a consultant known as the Profile who provided them with a detailed psychological analysis and sent a hired gun to severely beat Frenchie and make it look like a random act of violence. Rather than weakening Moon Knight's resolve it gave him a reason to live.[38] Frenchie then become involved with his physical therapist and business partner, Rob Silverman,[38] and began using cybernetic legs to walk.[39]


Jean-Paul Duchamp (Earth-616) from Moon Knight Vol 7 6 001

"Frenchie" the Waiter

After leaving his job alongside Marc, he started his restaurant and worked their as the Maître d'. When Ryan Trent began investigating Moon Knight's friends he interrogated Frenchie disguised as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.[40] And, some time later, he was asked by Marc to look after his daughter, having done so gladly.[41]


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Frenchie is a skilled helicopter pilot and an above average hand-to-hand combatant.



Briefly wore an armored suit to battle Killer Shrike.



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