Little is known of the past of the man known as Mauvais. He became interested in ritual cannibalism and the magical powers that could be gained from it. In the course of his wickedness, he learned of the curse of the Wendigo, and tried to use it to his advantage. However, he was stopped by the combined efforts of the Gods of the North (Snowbird's pantheon) and the Sorcerer Supreme of the day. He was locked immobile. As Canada was French territory at the time, he was imprisoned in a renowned French prison known as the La prison de la Morte.[2]

For over two centuries he was trapped, and during this time his prison was paved over and used as the site of the Cage, a prison for superhumans. When one of the guards was instructed to find a way to kill Wolverine, he woke Mauvais and promised him his freedom in exchange for the mutant's death. However, Mauvais gained astonishing power from Wolverine's regenerating flesh, and teleported away to once again try to gain the power of the Wendigo.[3]

Wolverine Vol 2 171 page -- Jean-Pierre Beaubier (Earth-616)
Making his way to the Canadian North, Mauvais engaged in a three-way battle between himself, the current Wendigo, and Wolverine, who had tracked him there. Despite successfully defeating the Wendigo, eating its heart and gaining its power, he was fought by Alpha Flight, and ultimately defeated by the Elder Gods of the North, who trapped him in the dimension of the ancient Great Beasts.[4]
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Cannibalistic Mysticism: Mauvais is a sorcerer who derives his power from the consumption of living flesh, growing stronger the more he eats.

Mauvais can perform such mystic feats as teleportation of himself and others, moving objects via telekinesis, mentally controlling weaker minds, projection of mystic energy, illusion-casting, and even resurrecting the dead to perform his bidding.

Following his transformation into the Wendigo, Mauvais gained superhuman strength, endurance, and reflexes, as well as a supernaturally healing process enabling him to survive virtually any injury unharmed and giving him immunity to all forms of disease.


Mauvais is fluent in both French and English, and is well versed in the mythology of the Inuit Gods.

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