Jean De Wolfe was a federal agent who was trying to track down the masked criminal The Crime Master, who had taken over the New York underworld following The Goblin's death. De Wolfe acknowledged the fact that Spider-Man was also on the same mission to apprehend Crime Master and noted him as a vigilante, thus being able to go around the law without constraints. He and his men tracked the Crime Master to the nightclub Seventh Heaven where he found the mob boss's enforcer Flint Marko (aka The Sandman) savagely beating down a subdued Spider-Man. De Wolfe and his men repeatedly shot The Sandman before the Crime Master and his thugs quickly escaped. De Wolfe helped Spider-Man and learned from him that Crime Master and Dr. Otto Octavius were in league and responsible for the then recent kidnappings of African-Americans; however, De Wolfe pointed out that Octavius was off limits from the Bureau of Investigation, given that an investigation on Octavius would further damage the Bureau's reputation, though Spider-Man was beyond this jurisdiction, allowing De Wolfe to be contacted by him if he found anything to incriminate Octavius.

De Wolfe was later called by Felicia Hardy who informed him about the Crime Master's association with Dr. Octavius and his inhumane experiments in Ellis Island, allowing him and his agents to raid the island and apprehending the Crime Master's men. De Wolfe found and stopped Spider-Man from coming close to killing Octavius in retribution for Joseph Robertson's lobotomized state. In a month after the raid, De Wolfe very apologetically called Joseph Robertson's father Carver in revealing that Dr. Octavius is refused to be stand trial for his crimes due from disclosing United States secret in public court.


Seemingly those of Jean DeWolff (Earth-616)#Powers.

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