Quote1.png I know you think you'll win, Jean. I know you think you're ready for what's coming, that you all are. I wish I could believe you. But I promise you, whatever power you think you've got on your side... it won't be enough. You'll figure it out for yourself someday. Goodbye, Jean Grey. And good luck. Quote2.png
-- Xorn (Jean Grey) src


Professor Xorn was one of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning teachers, and made telepathic announcements to the students.[1] She died during the battle against the past X-Men at Cape Citadel.[2]


Seemingly those of past Jean Grey, but more advanced.


This version of Jean has stated she cannot go more than a few minutes without wearing Xorn's containment helmet, perhaps suggesting a lack of control or some other issue concerning her powers which she claims have only kept growing in strength.[citation needed]


Xorn's Helmet

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