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Instead of rejoining the X-Men after Jean's death,[2] a mourning Cyclops quit the team leaving a desperate Beast to pick up the pieces. Using the drug Kick, actually an aerosol form of Sublime, Beast was corrupted and set a chain of events that left the world in ruin.[1]

About one hundred fifty years in the future after that event, a Phoenix egg was discovered on the dark side of the moon.[3] Beast captured the discovered Phoenix Egg and forced it to hatch,[4] then manipulated a disoriented Jean into working for him. Coming to destroy what remained of the followers of Xavier's principles, she was reminded of her past by Wolverine.[5] Jean then removed the Sublime entity from Beast and absorbed the Earth-15104 into the White Hot Room. Jean had felt like she was "supposed to fix something that was dying" but the Phoenix Consciousness said that she had "lost concentration in there". Met by other Phoenix avatars,[6] Jean was urged to let her universe die but she decided to heal it. With some guidance from the Phoenix Force, Jean took her universe in the palm of her hands and decided to create a new future by nudging Scott to continue Xavier's school and his relationship with Emma Frost.[1]


During the scenes in the White Hot Room, it is unclear which, if any, specific reality this Jean actually belongs to. She did come from the Earth-15104 reality, so it is reasonable to assign the entire story to this character.

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