The history of Marvel Girl of Earth-21993 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until the point just prior to X-Factor helping the X-Men liberate Muir Island from the Shadow King. In this reality, Charles Xavier would return from space and be furious at the state of human/mutant affairs since his absence. Using his mental powers to drive away the Shadow King and restore the minds of various X-Men who either were brainwashed or suffered from amnesia, Xavier would call together the X-Men, X-Factor, and the New Mutants.

Ultimately, a clash of opinions between Xavier and Cable would end in a battle between the two groups and Cable escaping with the New Mutants vowing to go to war with Xavier if he should wish to go that far. Xavier would call a meeting with Cyclops and Marvel Girl to try and find out ways to sow anti-mutant hysteria and get his dream back on track. By this point, Cable would assassinate Xavier, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl with a bomb during their meeting.

Their deaths would cause the X-Men to fracture, and their various enemies to strike against the world, leading to the eventual takeover of North America by the Sentinels.

What if Vol 2 47 page 6 panel 2

The death of Professor X, Cyclops and Marvel Girl (Earth-21993)


Seemingly those of Jean Grey of Earth-616.

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