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Gallery of all notable images of Jean Grey (Earth-616) on the database.
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Before the X-Men

Silver Age X-Men (as Marvel Girl)

Time Displaced

Later Depictions of Silver Age X-Men (as Marvel Girl)

All-New All-Different X-Men (as Phoenix)

While we know now that the original Phoenix was the Phoenix Force, Cockrum and Byrne had no idea at the time they were drawing anyone but Jean, and these can well be considered images of Jean Grey. (Images from before X-Men #101 are indisputably Jean)

X-Factor (as Marvel Girl)

X-Men: Blue and Gold (as Jean Grey)

Becomes Jean Grey-Summers (X-Men, as Phoenix)

New X-Men (as Phoenix)[1]

Jean Grey / Phoenix Force

Jean Grey / Resurrection

Age of X-Man

Dawn of X

Comic Covers

Early X-Men

Covers with later depictions of early years

X-Factor Era

Rejoins X-Men

New X-Men

After "Death"

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey

X-Men: Red

House of X and Dawn of X

Costumes Overview

Promotional Materials

Trading Cards

Jean Grey (Merchandise)

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