Marvel Girl was a member of the X-Men who joined in the battle against Limbo's Demon Horde when it assaulted Manhattan. The X-Men failed both to repel them and to save Illyana Rasputin from N'astirh. "Limbo" was then contained behind a wall. As part of a deal with Scott Summers in exchange for police the outer boroughs, Colossus could assemble a team once a year, on the invasion's anniversary, to try to retrieve Illyana. In the fourth year, Colossus, Jean and Scott invaded the hordes headquarters and it was revealed that Illyana, as the Darkchild, was now the ruler of Inferno, and Scott's back and Colossus' arm were crippled in the fight.[1] Marvel Girl tried to fight against Darkchild and her Demon Horde when they were able to escape from their force field using a corrupted Nightcrawler. She watched as the force field was destroyed, unleashing the Demon Horde on the rest of the city.[2]

She and several of the X-Men managed escape into the sewers and had to be rescued from N'astirh by Colossus and the Goblin Queen and were then surprised by the revelation that Mister Sinister was still alive.[3]

Sinister offered to help them, but Madelyne, still angry over how Sinister had toyed with her life, used her telepathy to force Boom-Boom to kill him. A fight immediately broke out with Sinister's army of clones, which was then made worse by the arrival of the Darkchild and her demon horde. Marvel Girl was killed in the ensuing conflict.[4]


Seemingly those of the Jean Grey of Earth-616.

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