After being possessed by the Phoenix Force, Jean rejected Cyclops for Wolverine. However, this caused Jean to become more violent. When the Hellfire Club attempted to take control of Jean's mind, Jean lashed out and violently attacked the Club's members. She also attacked Cyclops when he came to save her. After the X-Men escaped the Hellfire Club, Mastermind's tampering and Jean's negative emotions caused Jean to transform into Dark Phoenix. Professor X managed to clam Jean down. The X-Men were then transported to the Shi'ar Empire by Empress Lilandra who informed the X-Men that Jean must die to prevent the Phoenix Force from raging out of control. Professor X challenged Lilandra to a duel of honor to determine Jean's fate. The X-Men and the Imperial Guard fought each other on the Blue Area of the Moon until the Dark Phoenix reemerged. Jean killed everyone in sight before destroying the rest of the universe.[1]


Seemingly those of Jean Grey (Earth-616)#Powers

Despite her differences from her Earth-616 counterpart and her rejection of being constrained by Cyclops, Earth-94042's Phoenix still adopted the classic green Marvel Girl costume during the X-Men's final battle with the Imperial Guard.

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