Jeanie's life was saved during an air raid by Perry Webb, the American Ace when her home country of Attania was attacked by it's neighbor, Castile D'or, which is ruled over by cold hearted, Queen Ursula. Jeanie soon told Perry that her parents were killed in the raid, but her other family members lived on a farm. Jeanie was then flown to her family's farm by Perry, who decided to stay for about a week, to get to know her family better and lay low until the invasion had subsided.

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Perry eventually deciding to return to both his job and to see what the invading forces from Castile D'or had done to the small country he was staying in. Jeanie attempted to sway him to stay with them much longer, but his mind was made up and so he flew off in his plane. Jeanie watched as he was caught in an aerial dogfight against Castile D'or fighter planes and was shot down. Jeanie, her sister Marie and her grandfather saved him from the wreckage of his plane and took him back to their farm to recuperate. When Perry was recovered enough, he vowed to join the fight.

The outcome of this conflict, and Jeanie's and Perry's role in it, remains unrecorded. However, it is known that Perry Webb took a wife before he became a member of the American military and Jeanie may have been his wife. Some sources speculate, however, that the conflict likely became a moot point due to the start of World War II shortly thereafter.

Jeanie is very smitten with American Ace.


No known paranormal powers

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