Quote1 Me? I work better in the dark. It's less cruel if my enemies don't see my blade drop. Quote2
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Jeannine Sauvage was the latest in her family line to wield the cursed sentient sword named La Fleur du Mal. Although the sword was evil, Jeannine used it for good and to punish evil doers as the vigilante known as Guillotine.

Contest of Champions

Blood and Venom

Guillotine was tasked by the Collector with the mission of guiding the Summoner through a locked area of Battlerealm in order to scout it for anything out of ordinary. Upon encountering a nest of Adaptoids, Guillotine realized something had possessed them, so she went to talk with the Collector, who only told her the possessed Adaptoids were called Symbioids. Oddly, La Fleur du Mal rejected battling the Symbioids.

As the sword's thirst for blood needed to be satisfied, Jeannine had to fight the Summoner. After the battle, Guillotine and the Summoner resumed their partnership and soon reached the nest of Venom, the one responsible for infecting the Adaptoids. Guillotine and the Summoner defeated Venom and he was taken back to the Collector's Vault.


The Contest labels Guillotine as a Mystic Champion, therefore weakening her against Science Champions.


La Fleur du Mal

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