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Jeb Lee was a Confederate spy during the United States Civil War, walking the battlefields dressed as an Union soldier. At the end of his war, Jeb returned home, but his Union Army uniform was discovered, and he was mistaken for a Union soldier. His family was burned alive because of this and his mutant powers first manifested as a result. He then went back at war, marching from battle to battle and killing all humans in his trail.[1]

Final Horseman

In 1863, Jeb was watched by the eternal mutant Apocalypse, while he was using his drums to deceive Confederates at Gettysburg, and was selected as his Final Horseman Famine in the event that all other plans of Apocalypse failed.[1]

Famine soon followed Archangel once he took Apocalypse's place.[3] Famine fought Psylocke and when she made War fall on Famine, he was knocked out and X-Force took him prisoner[4] only for him to later escape and blow up part of E.V.A. and Wolverine in the process. Later while fighting by Archangel's side his hands were sliced off by Wolverine,[2] however he was later shown alive with Dark Beast and the others, and with bandages around his stumps.[5]


Lee and his fellow Horsemen accompanied Apocalypse's son Genocide aboard the Starcore Station to use its broadcast magnification chamber to send a message to the Celestials Apocalypse once served. A Celestial Gardener appeared to give Genocide a Death Seed, but suddenly, the Apocalypse Twins interrupted the ceremony. Lee and Horseman of War Decimus Furius confronted the twin Eimin, but both were swiftly killed by Eimin's chronokinetic acid.[6]



Bio-Auditory Cancer: When he plays his drum he can transmit a bio-auditory cancer, that feeds on the flesh of all who can hear it. This power works whenever he makes a tapping noise, not just when he plays a drum.

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