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Jeb Guthrie was a mutant and a member of the Guthrie family, like Samuel (Cannonball), Paige (Husk), Melody (Aero), and Jay (Icarus). Jeb's father Thomas died when Jeb was very young; he had developed what is commonly called 'black lung' due to working in the local coal mines.

Jeb didn't join any of the X-teams, but had to deal with fallout from their problems. His house was severely damaged by an attack from the Phalanx when they came and took his sister Paige. She survived this attack. Jay, not in his right mind, was killed by the anti-mutant forces of the insane William Stryker. The Guthrie family had to deal with anti-mutant prejudice in their hometown, because of the large amount of mutants in their family.

Jeb lost his powers following M-Day.[2]

Powers and Abilities


None, he is now a depowered mutant.

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