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Professional History

Jed MacKay made his comic-writing debut in 2011 on the anthology X-Men: To Serve and Protect. He later collaborated on the 2018 event Spider-Geddon, and wrote mini-series such as Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther and Man Without Fear. MacKay reose to prominence circa 2020 for his work in Black Cat (as well as its spin-offs, Iron Cat and Mary Jane & Black Cat) and Moon Knight (Vol. 9), writing also Death of Doctor Strange, Strange (Vol. 3) and Doctor Strange (Vol. 6). In 2023, he was given the reins of Avengers (Vol. 9), and concluded his 30-issue Moon Knight run with the series transforming into Vengeance of the Moon Knight (Vol. 2).

Work History


  • MacKay also works as a middle school teacher.

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