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Jeff Brown was a high-ranking agent with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Following the "Civil War" in the United States of America, Brown was tasked with liaising with SHIELD to organize a response unit for the influx of powered criminals who were feeling to Canada as Alpha Flight had recently been killed. He helped recruit team members for Omega Flight - a name he choose as they would be the last line of defense for Canada. With two former Avengers (US Agent and Arachne), he wanted two Canadian heroes and hoped to recruit Sasquatch (who reluctantly agreed) and Talisman (who refused). The situation was made more complicated by the inclusion of Michael Pointer - the very man who had been responsible (albeit indirectly) for the death of Alpha Flight - wearing Guardian's Battle-suit. While their first mission was a challenge with an incursion by the Great Beasts as enabled by the Wrecking Crew,[1] Omega Flight did continue to operate for the next several months with Brown as their coordinator and government liaison.[2]

At some point, Agent Brown was converted to the "Unity Party" - a program by the Master of the World to take over Canada. Brown was transferred to Department H and promoted to director-level. Converted to a more blindly obedient personality type, Director Brown worked against the recently resurrected Alpha Flight to advance the Master's plans, going so far as to capture them and attempt to forcibly convert them to "Unity." Brown served as an adviser to the Master for the next several weeks.[3]

It is presumed that Brown was freed (as most were) from Unity. His current status is not know.

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