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Jeff Dix was a soldier in the United States Army during World War II. By 1942, he held the rank of Corporal. Returning home on leave, Dix learned that his brother Joe had gotten involved with local hood Ed Delaney. Jeff attempted to convince his brother to go straight and join the Army. It was not until Delaney and his men plotted to rob the box office receipts of a local USO show did Joe realize that Delaney was bad news and with the aid of Jeff brought Delaney to justice. After which, Joe joined the military, making their mother proud.[1]

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Jeff was deployed to an American base in Panama where he was reunited with his friend, Army cook Fish Face Friday. When their aircraft carrier was attacked by Imperial Japanese agents, Dix helped save the base and later stopped a Japanese invader from murdering Fish Face and poisoning the crew of the ship.[2]

Relocated to an American base, Sgt. Dix discovered some Nazi Fifth Columnists were encouraging young boys to use their slingshots, tricking them into shooting incendiary devices into the base to light the ammunition stores on the base. Dix tracked the men down to a local Motel and brought them to justice.[3] Put in charge of new recruits, Dix uncovered a Nazi plot to discourage Americans from enlisting when Ferdinand Jones, a Nazi spy, began putting irritants in his recruits uniforms.[4] Later, he exposed another Nazi spy named Blenheim who infiltrated the base to smuggle gasoline off base to his comrades.[5] He then exposed a sabotage ring of Nazis who were wrecking local sawmills[6][7]. He later foiled a Nazi plot to sabotage an oil pipeline,[8] and later clashed with Voice of Doom, a Nazi rabble-rouser.[9]

Dix's subsequent activities throughout the rest of the war remain unrecorded.

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