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Jeff Graves was the commissioner of the territories around western Africa during the 1940s. When tribal violence erupted in the area, Graves became determined to stop it. In his travels he would be saved from danger by the jungle woman known as Zara who was raised in the jungle by her parents, she would advise him to be careful in the jungle. Later, Graves would be captured by the white man known as Bwana Gambo who was responsible for sowing descent among the tribes so that he could conquer them all. Before Graves could be executed by Gambo's loyal minions, Zara would come to his rescue and would help him capture Gambo. While Graves brought Gambo to justice, Zara would break up fighting among the tribes.[1]

In his next expedition into the area, Jeff would investigate the disappearance of many natives, and tales about an area of the jungle that was supposedly haunted. Not believing it, Graves would go in and with the aid of Zara, would expose the work of slavers. Jeff and Zara would work together to foil their operation, putting an end to their slavery business.[2]

Jeff's subsequent activities are unknown.

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