The Angel arrives for a party celebrating the release of the newest book written by his friend John Parker. After being welcomed in by the butler, the Angel happens past a room where John Parker is having an argument with Jeff Van over Jeff's relationship with his daughter Alice. John refuses to allow Jeff to see Alice, but Jeff insists that they will be married someday if he likes it or not.

Later on that evening as the party goers are proposing a toast to John, he suddenly keels over and dies, much to everyone's surprise. After the party is cleared out, the Angel asks John's friend Harvey who might be likely to kill John. Harvey tells him that Jeff Van is likely, as John and Jeff did not see eye to eye, as Jeff was a medical student and John figured Jeff was only interested in his daughter for the money to finish his education. Going to the coroner, the Angel learns that John was poisoned with strychnine.

The Angel then goes to question Jeff but finds his home deserted and that someone had trashed his lab. Leaving the lab, the Angel spots Jeff trying to flee, and stops him. Although Jeff insists that he is innocent, the Angel takes him to the police anyway.

Not convinced that Jeff is responsible, the Angel returns to the scene of the crime an examines the mess. Finding a pipe, he realizes that is what was used to transmit the poison. The Angel's investigation is interrupted by the butler who tells the Angel that Miss Parker wishes to speak with him. She also believes that Jeff is innocent. While the Angel goes to the jail to question Jeff again, and learns that Harvey offered him a job out of town, Harvey tries to make a pass at Alice. When the Angel realizes that Harvey is the killer he rushes back to the Parker home.

There, Harvey refuses to accept Alice's rejection, deciding that if he can't have her, nobody can and starts a fire. While Alice suffers from smoke inhalation, Harvey attempts to get to safety out on the balcony. The Angel saves Alice, and then while to apprehend Harvey, his assailant stumble off the ledge of the building and falls to his death. With the plot exposed, the charges against Jeff are dropped and he and Alice are reunited.[1]

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