Officer Jeff Davis lived on Brooklyn with his family. One night, he was contacted by his friend and fellow officer Capitain Yuri Watanabe to help Spider-Man uncover a secret weapons stash of the former crimelord Wilson Fisk before the Demons could have access to it. Both Spider-Man and Jeff met at an harbor on the hudson river, where the supposed stash was located. After a brief search through an abandoned shed, they discovered that the stash was just taken by the Demons, that were just getting away on two gun-loaded trucks, with Spider-Man immediately stopping them before they could escape. Jeff assisted the webhead, bravely fighting the Demons, even with Spider-Man pleading him to go to safety. After a group of Demons fled the scene with one of the trucks, Spider-Man went to stop them as fast as he could, with Jefferson following right after on his police cruiser, crashing it on the truck and saving Spider-Man that was about to be seriously injuried while trying to stop it.[1] Jefferson was later recgonized for his brave actions by helping Spider-Man, being called by Mayor Norman Osborn himself to be condecorated on an event held at New York City Hall. Unfortunately, during his speech, Martin Li and the Demons commited a terrorist attack, by bombing the street where the event was happening, killing dozens of people, Including Jefferson who died trying to save a fellow officer from the blast. Moments later, his son Miles Morales found and mourned his dead body. Months after his death, a memorial to Jefferson and all that died during the attack can still be found on the City Hall's staircase. [1]

Jefferson was shown to be a brave man, as well to be a dedicated police officer. He didn't hesitate with helping Spider-Man to fight the Demons, even with the latter's pledge for him to flee to safety. He unfortunately died trying to save a fellow officer during the Demons' attack on New York City Hall.[1]


Police Training: Jefferson was a police officer.[1]

Firearm Proficiency: Jefferson was shown to be able to handle firearms, be they a pistol or a stun gun.[1]

Strength level

  • Jefferson displayed the normal strength of a man of his age that engaged in regular exercise.[1]


Standard police equipment[1]


Police car[1]


Stun Gun: Jefferson used his stun gun to help Spider-Man in battle.[1]

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