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Jeff Davis[src]


Early Life

Jefferson Davis grew up very close to his brother Aaron Davis. The two used to walk around the city, where one of their hobbies was to find different and interesting sounds, which they recorded and used to make music with a sampler. At some point, Jeff decided to become a police officer, while Aaron went the opposite way, getting involved in the criminal world under the moniker of Prowler, a famous criminal-for-hire. As the Prowler became notorious, Jeff started an investigation on the criminal. At some point he also met and married Rio Morales, with whom he had a son Miles Morales. Jeff unfortunately had his relationship with his brother destroyed, after Aaron confessed that he was the Prowler all along. Unable to take any action against his brother, Jeff decided to cut all contact with him, not even letting his son Miles approach his uncle.[1]

City at War

Years later, Jeff now lived on Brooklyn with his family. One night, he was contacted by his friend and fellow officer Captain Yuri Watanabe to help Spider-Man uncover a secret weapons stash of the former crime lord Wilson Fisk before the Demons could have access to it. Both Spider-Man and Jeff met at an harbor on the hudson river, where the supposed stash was located. After a brief search through an abandoned shed, they discovered that the stash was just taken by the Demons, that were just getting away on two gun-loaded trucks, with Spider-Man immediately stopping them before they could escape. Jeff assisted the webhead, bravely fighting the Demons, even with Spider-Man pleading him to go to safety. After a group of Demons fled the scene with one of the trucks, Spider-Man went to stop them as fast as he could, with Jefferson following right after on his police cruiser, crashing it on the truck and saving Spider-Man that was about to be seriously injured while trying to stop it.[2] Jefferson was later recognized for his brave actions by helping Spider-Man, being called by Mayor Norman Osborn himself to be condecorated on an event held at New York City Hall. Unfortunately, during his speech, Martin Li and the Demons committed a terrorist attack, by bombing the street where the event was happening, killing dozens of people, Including Jefferson who died trying to save a fellow officer from the blast. Moments later, his son Miles found and mourned his dead body.[2]

A year after his death, a memorial to Jefferson and all that died during the attack can still be found on the City Hall's staircase.[1]


Jeff’s death had a profound affect on his family. However despite losing him Rio and Miles continued on with their urge to help others becoming even greater. Rio becoming a member of the city council to combat injustices and his son Miles would go on to become a hero in his own right as the new Spider-Man with Miles continuing to look to his father as the prime role model of what a hero should be.[1]


Jefferson was shown to be a brave man, as well to be a dedicated police officer. He didn't hesitate with helping Spider-Man to fight the Demons, even with the latter's pledge for him to flee to safety. He unfortunately died trying to save a fellow officer during the Demons' attack on New York City Hall.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Police Training: Jefferson was a police officer.[2]

Firearm Proficiency: Jefferson was shown to be able to handle firearms, be they a pistol or a stun gun.[2]

Physical Strength

  • Jefferson displayed the normal strength of a man of his age that engaged in regular exercise.[2]



Standard police equipment[2]


Stun Gun: Jefferson used his stun gun to help Spider-Man in battle.[2]


Police car[2]



  • Jeff was born in 1974 and died in 2018 at the age of 44.[1]
  • His favorite restaurant was Lobster Bill's. He even took Rio there on their first date.[1]

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