Scorpion was a member of S.I.L.K. overseeing an auction at the V.I.P. area of Club Scorpion for valuable items obtained from Earth-616. He encountered Gwen Stacy, who had infiltrated the club under Matt Murdock's orders, and a Spider-Man who originated from the aforementioned alternate universe, and was visiting Earth-65 searching for his father, who happened to be Scorpion's alternate universe counterpart.

Baffled by the Scorpion's appearance, Spider-Man referred to him as his father,[1] but Jefferson did not recognize him at all and even attacked him. Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy, who had changed to her Spider-Woman suit, confronted the Scorpion and eventually defeated him. When the police arrived, Spider-Woman left Scorpion webbed up for them, and he was taken into custody.[2]

Scorpion later appeared to have avoided capture, and quickly returned to continue leading S.I.L.K.'s multiversal operations.[3] Spider-Man confronted him at his base after following a S.I.L.K. henchman through a portal from Earth-616 to Earth-65. During the ensuing battle between the Spider-people and S.I.L.K., the interloopers were temporarily dealt with when Scorpion's men accidentally shot at the universal vortex used for their travels, destabilizing it, and causing it to take Spider-Man and Spider-Woman to a different universe.

When Spider-Man returned to Earth-65, he encountered his real father.[4] However, both found themselves quickly surrounded by Scorpion and his men. Furthermore, Scorpion used the vortex to bring S.I.L.K. soldiers from another universe as reinforcements. The cavalry arrived in the form of Spider-Woman, who, on her way back to her universe, stopped by Earth-8 and enlisted the help of said reality's Amazing Eight. The S.I.L.K. forces were easily dealt with, and Scorpion was defeated when the other Jefferson forced him through a portal to another reality, with Scorpion's own dimensional travel watch having been broken by Spider-Woman earlier in the fight.[5]


Superhuman Speed: Spider-Woman observed that Scorpion possessed remarkable speed, though it was not at her levels.[2]


Staff: Davis uses a staff with a handle modeled after a scorpion's tail.[2]

Vest: Underneath his suit, the Scorpion wears a vest capable of releasing electric discharges.[2]

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