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Jefferson Kotto became an Ultra after the Jumpstart transformed his body. He rose in the Miami underworld as a drug trafficker, but his ferocious nature accumulated as many enemies as victories. After turning on one of his oldest friends for supposedly turning on him, Hellblade was the target of a hit out in the Everglades. A young girl wandered into the gunfire and was killed during the melee. Kotto may also have died, but the reality wave created by Black September washed over them, and both emerged as survivors. Kotto rediscovered his conscience, and the girl Danielle miraculously awoke as a teenager with a fatal bullet hole in her chest that would not heal. Hellblade "adopted" the confused Danielle as his "Lost Angel", and began to make their way in the world together. [1]

After the devastation in New York at Ground Zero, Hellblade decided to hunt and kill the alleged perpetrators, the Exiles. When he encountered the group, however, Kotto eventually became convinced they weren't responsible for the destruction, and became a member of their team.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Ultra strength, speed, agility, reflexes, healing factor, claw-like fingers


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  1. Told in A Hot Eight Seconds, a back-up feature printed in multiple Ultraverse titles the last month before Black September hit.
  2. All New Exiles #1-3
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