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In Baltimore, a C.I.A agent Jeff Bannister was called on a crime scene in a drug factory where he discovered that a new drug was created from the Krakoan petals: The Pollen. Jeff later learned that this new drug could make anyone smarter and stronger. Bannister was worried about the number of deaths related to this new drug and the one responsible, the The Flower Cartel. This cartel was eliminating the competition in order to control the distribution of the Pollen, Jeff also started to have suspicions that the mutants may be involved in the black market distribution of the Krakoan drugs. To verify his claim, he decided to go undercover and arranged a meeting with the Flower Cartel, in Alaska.

After Wolverine awakened in Alaska without any memory of who he was and discovered with horror that Marvel Girl, Domino, and Kid Omega were dead, most likely at his hands, even though he thought it couldn't be possible. Logan then saw a trail of footprints leaving the scene and decided to followed them. After a while Logan had a vision of the Pale Girl. He blamed her for what happened before being confronted by Bannister and the rest of the undercover C.I.A agents who asked him who he was.[1]

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