Prisoner of Elias Bogan

The mutant teleporter Jeffrey Garrett and his siblings were the prisoners of Elias Bogan at his lodge in Alaska. When Bogan had Jeffrey’s family killed, the young boy escaped and teleported Bogan's associates to a glacier, which resulted in them freezing to death.[citation needed]

Xavier Institute

Wanted for murder, Jeffrey Garrett sought asylum at the Xavier Institute and was looked after by Emma Frost. Bogan followed Garrett to the school and used him to take him, his schoolmates, Emma Frost, Sage and Bishop as hostages. Jeffrey managed to save himself and his newfound friends by teleporting them away, Gloom, Zach, Rubber Maid, Silicon and Tantra. After this incident, Garrett and the other students somehow lost all recollection of the event.[citation needed]


Jeffrey was present when Xorn attacked the school posing as Magneto. Dani Moonstar tried to get him to leave out of the school, but instead of following orders he returned to his room to retrieve a picture of his deceased family. The school blew up just as Jeffrey began to teleport away, which ultimately killed him but left his spirit behind. As Garrett's body wasn't retrieved, and given the fact that Cerebra was able to detect an hazy signature of him (without locating him) it was assumed by the Faculty that he made it out.[1]


Believing Xavier's to not be safe, Jeffrey briefly terrorized the new students at Xavier's[2] in an effort to get them to leave the school, unfit to protect them.[1] He eventually appeared to Kim, Prodigy's little sister,[2] who believed to have mutant powers and enhanced the belief of a ghost within the students.[3] The New Mutants Squad and Dani Moonstar inquired on the case separately,[3] then united and summoned Jeffrey at a reunion where his point of view was tore apart, and he stopped his haunting.[1]

Surge developed some affection over Jeffrey, who was placed in Karma's lower class. Because Jeffrey was technically dead he could never grow up, but he could mature and perhaps one day join a squad.[1]


After the M-Day, Jeffrey lost his powers and now is completely dead.[4]




Unable to move things in the physical world, except through the use of teleportation.

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