A biological weapon created by Imperial Japan during World War II, the so called "Jelly Men" was actually a single bio-mass that was unleashed on the state of New York by Imperial Japanese forces in 1942. It began eating a path cross the state until it came upon a oil refinery. A resulting explosion caused the creature to be broken up into pieces.

The pieces were eventually recombined by the Vision, who killed the creature's creator and used his control whistler to recombine all the components. With the jelly creature back together, the hero then doused it in oil and set it ablaze, destroying it. The zeppelin that brought it to America in was destroyed.[1] Presumably this was the only creature of its kind.


The "Jelly Men" are not really men, but a protoplasmic mass that consumes everything in its path, growing in size with everything it eats. If broken into pieces, each piece gains autonomous motion and continues on its own path of destruction. It was controlled by a whistle, which could summon it or call it out to destroy.


The Jelly Men were vulnerable to fire.

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