Originally an anti-Israeli terrorist, he invaded the the home of Gabrielle Haller, a member of the Israeli Diplomatic Service, killing her partner Daniel Shomron. The trauma of the event activated David Haller's latent mutation, causing him to incinerate the minds of all the terrorists while absorbing Jemail's persona into himself. [1]

Inside Haller's mind, Jemail inherited Haller's inherent telepathy and through this power he came to have sympathy for Haller and his family. He set to work integrating the various fractured personalities in his mind, but was resisted by the personalities Jack Wayne and Cyndi. Jemail and Jack Wayne came to hate one another, and when Charles Xavier and the New Mutants were brought into David's mindscape, Jack Wayne tricked them into thwarting Jemail's plans. Jack was almost able to killed off Jemail, but was saved by the intervention of Cypher and Mirage. Jemail was then able to explain himself to Mirage.[1]

Later, after Haller's death, Jemail, and the Jack Wayne and Cyndi personalities remained as disembodied spirits in Israel, causing supernatural events to occur. Sabra drafted in Excalibur to help with this. The team found that Jemail was prepared to move on, but Wayne and Cyndi were not, until Meggan used her powers to calm them. The ghosts of the three personalities then crossed over and vanished.[2]


  • Telepathy: Jemail, while originally a normal human, gained the power of telepathy upon becoming one of David's multiple personalities.

  • Jemail was the first personality absorbed/created by David.

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