Jenny was born into the Cesare Crime Family and once she was old enough was introduced to her husband Tim Buccato by her sister Annabella and other Mafia wives. Tim seemed nice at first but after they were married he became extremely abusive both physically, sexually and mentally beginning on their wedding night. He beat her, raped her, and even allowed men he barely knew to come over and abuse her sexually. Jenny's sister and her friends knew he was like this before hand, but kept her in the relationship and didn't help at all. Finally Tim was killed by the Punisher and on that same day Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer.[1]

She told her sister that she was going to the FBI because she believed it was the evil in Tim that caused her cancer and it was Annabella's fault that she married him. Annabella's criminal partner Shauna Toomey knocked out Jenny and had two men from her husbands gang kill her but they didn't succeed in the disposal, she was thrown from a bridge after which they believed she was hit by a train but she in fact landed atop the train and survived. After coming to she realized she could start a new life and get revenge on the women who betrayed her.[1]

She underwent a double mastectomy and learned weapon handling and cop skills over the years. She finally returned to New York City to get revenge on her sister and her friends, but found out they were planning on killing the Punisher in revenge for having killed all of their husbands. Wanting to save the life of the man that saved her by killing her husband, she rescued the Punisher and then donned the Punisher's death head shirt and took out the wives, ending with beating her sister to death with a baseball bat. After that was done, Jenny had sex with Frank in a last attempt to feel something and committed suicide when they were done, still unable to feel anything from the sex and aware she was still dying of cancer, leaving Frank forced to watch her shoot herself in the head while she was still sat astride him.[2]


Jenny was proficient in weapons handling; she was trained by an ex-cop in all the tricks of the trade.


M60 Assault Rifle, Combat Knife, Baseball Bat

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