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Quote1.png That's Blue-J's costume, Molly. She was an acrobat. And she had a German shepherd who rescued people from fires and landslides. Quote2.png
Victor Mancha[src]


"Doc" Justice with his new J-Team

Nearly a decade after the original J-Team disbanded, "Doc" Justice opened a crimefighting school to train a new generation of Angeleno super heroes. Jennifer Moore was part of this second iteration of the J-Team along with Kid Justice, Princess Justice, and another unidentified male member.[2] As a former acrobat, Jennifer used her both her own skills and her trained German shepherd to fight crime and rescue others.[3]

As part of Doc Justice's secret scheme to routinely kill off J-Team members for publicity, Jennifer died during a staged incident as part of a plan named "Operation: Fear From Above."[1]



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