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Early Life

Not much is known about Jennie Royce, but she was working as a secretary in New York City.[1]

Heroes for Hire

Jennie was hired by Jeryn Hogarth to work as the secretary and office manager for the Heroes for Hire, Inc., a detective agency ran by Iron Fist and Luke Cage.[1] She ran the office until the team disbanded due to the apparent death of Iron Fist.[2]


Jennie contacted Iron Fist years later from Ryker's Island, because she had been convicted of murder, and needed his help. She told Iron Fist that she worked for Eugene Mason a.k.a. Crime-Buster after Heroes for Hire closed shop, because she needed the money to pay her legal bills. They became involved, but he physically abused her during their relationship. Eugene Mason had a number of enemies and was found murdered with his own gun, which had Jennie's fingerprints on it. Jennie told Danny that her fingerprints were on the weapon because she was Eugene Mason's executive assistant and used it on a daily basis. Iron Fist and the new Power Man, Víctor Álvarez, agreed to look into her case.[3]

Ryker's Island Uniform

Release from Prison

Jennie served her time and was met by Danny and Luke upon her release. They took her to the Excelsior Diner and offered to help her get back on her feet. She told them her ex owed a lot of people money, that a necklace which belonged to her grandmother had been taken, and that she'd like their help in recovering it from the current owner, Lonnie Lincoln a.k.a. Tombstone.

The duo agreed to help while she stayed at the Sisters of Mercy House, a home for female parolees, and was grateful when they recovered her necklace; however, it was revealed that she had tricked them into acquiring the Supersoul Stone. She then gave the necklace to Black Mariah who gleefully saw the artifact as the first step towards their taking over of Tombstone's soon-to-be-crumbling criminal empire.[4]



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