Jenny Stewart and her husband Ryan were guards at the Vault as were many of the other members of the Jury. During a prison riot staged by Venom, Ryan was killed.

The original members of the Jury were friends or co-workers of Jury founder Orwell Taylor's oldest son Hugh. Hugh was a guard at the Vault and was murdered by Venom during a separate incident than the one in which Ryan died. All members of the Jury had their mutual hatred for Venom in common and the founder of the group was Hugh's father Orwell Taylor. Jenny replaced Hugh's other son Maxwell who was the Jury member Screech.

To officially join the group Jenny had to kill the supervillain Tarantula II. Jenny originally hesitated in killing him until her fellow jurors revealed Tarantula was the prisoner who killed her husband.

Eventually the Jury lost their funding and began working for Edwin Cord as his personal Thunderbolts hunting team. They came under the field leadership of USAgent for this mission.[1]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, she was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[2] However, the Jury refused to sign up and be counted. They fell back into conflict with the Thunderbolts, now on the other side of the law as anti-registration hunters for the CSA.[3]


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