Dr. Jennifer Swann was a scientist who had succeeded her father on the dead-end, under-funded Project Spitfire whose aim was to create a Human eXperimental (HEX) suit until the White Event changed her life. The first was that of her boss, Philip Voight (Earth-555), that he had the government increase the funding to the Project Spitfire by a factor of 16% and to revealed to Jennifer that a superhuman had murdered his girlfriend, her father (and sheriff) and a pair of police officers. He also reveals the H.E.X suit's true target: superhumans.

While returning to her office the second life changing event occurred, she discovered her cyberpathy. Jennifer is Earth-555's Cipher, the superhuman which will let her/his people make the technological leap.

Using her new powers and the project's new lease of life Jennifer Swann quickly finished the H.E.X suit but when she first entered it she begs for it not to work as it suddenly dawns on her that she has created her own destroyer.


Cyberpathy: The ability to communicate with machines


Advanced abilities mechanics, computer hacking skills, piloting no doubt improved durastically by her powers. Jennifer is assumed to have basic firearms and hand-to-hand combat skills due to her affiliation with the NSA.


H.E.X suit (Human EXperimental Suit)


H.E.X suit


H.E.X suit

In the original New Universe series Spitfire was called Jennifer Swensen

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