Jenny Swensen was with her fellow Nutopians who were helping clean up the mess in the Supremia Province after the Squadron Sinister annexed it into their domain. Jenny realized that they would need to speed up their timetable as she calculated an 88.6% likelihood that the Squadron will annex Nutopia within the next ten days.[1]

Jennifer Swensen (Earth-14227) from Squadron Sinister Vol 1 3 002

Spitfire vs Hyperion

Jenny talked with the other leaders about their plan of taking over Utopolis. She determined that that if Kenneth shared some of his power from the Star Brand among the inhabitants, they would have a strong enough force to infiltrate the Squadron's domain.[2]

After some time passed, Jenny led an invasion force of Star Brands in her Spitfire Armor against the Squadron. She took the fight straight to Hyperion by throwing him into a building. But Hyperion reacted faster than Spitfire could move and grabbed and flew her to the outer atmosphere where he smashed her helmet with his hands killing her and then letting her body drop back to the planet's surface.[3]


Seemingly those of the Jenny Swenson of Earth-148611.


Seemingly those of the Jenny Swenson of Earth-148611.

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